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1 in 4 Americans use Updater to move

Updater’s IPO Journey

I started Updater because moving is complicated and stressful. Updater seeks to completely reinvent how Americans relocate- turning a formerly painful process into a helpful and even enjoyable experience.

To reimagine the moving process, we had to think differently and disregard how things are “normally” done. And that same philosophy also applies to how we raise capital and build our business.

In December 2015, Updater became the smallest VC-backed tech company – at only 25 employees – to ever IPO on a public market. Our IPO was considered unusual at first, but it positioned our company to scale and has proven to be a great success.

Today, I shared our fundraising journey with Entrepreneur Magazine.


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David Greenberg
David Greenberg

David is the Founder and CEO of Updater, the nation’s leading moving technology company. He works tirelessly to simplify the way over 12M US households move each year. He's a die-hard Boston sports fan living in NYC.

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