How Property Managers and Lady Liberty are Alike

It may not seem like it at first glance, but property managers have a lot in common with the Statue of Liberty. To ring in America’s birthday, let’s observe the similarities between America’s favorite sculpture and dedicated property managers like yourself… just because!

1. You welcome new residents to your community the same way that Lady Liberty welcomes new immigrants to New York.

2. Lady Liberty holds a tablet inscribed with the date of American Independence — kind of like how your onsite team holds tablets during on site tours.

3. Lady Liberty’s crown has some really tiny windows, just like the smallest apartment at your property!

4. Like your property, Lady Liberty gets lots of visitors every year.

5. Andy Warhol’s pop art painting of Lady Liberty is valued at over $35 million. With some help from PicMonkey, you can pop art a picture of your property too! High property valuation not guaranteed…

6. If you live in a dusty part of the country, your property probably looks a lot like Lady Liberty in Planet of the Apes when the winds pick up.

7. And if you live in a freezing cold part of the country, your property probably looks a lot like Lady Liberty in The Day After Tomorrow when winter rolls around!

8. 300 different hammers were used to made Lady Liberty. Your residents probably use just as many to make holes in the walls…

9. Lady Liberty’s green exterior shows that she’s withstood years of bad weather and oxidation. As a seasoned property manager, you show your wisdom and expertise by giving your residents the best experience possible!

10. Lady Liberty used to double as a lighthouse for sailors. Similarly, you’re a great source of direction and help for your residents!

Like Lady Liberty, property managers are beacons of stability and hope, especially in trying times! So while you eat hot dogs and watch fireworks during your 4th of July barbecue this year, take a moment to pat yourself on the back for everything that you do. Lady Liberty certainly approves!