10 Ways Updater Makes Life Easier for Your Site Teams

Whether it’s finding new residents, boosting resident renewals, or everything in between, property management site teams have a lot on their plates. But have no fear, Updater is here! This guide explains how your site teams can use Updater to solve a variety of your day-to-day problems – all while offering the best resident experience possible (even before move-in!).

Problem #1: Minding the gap between leasing and moving day

Ah, the dreaded communication lull between signing leasing paperwork and moving day. With Updater, site teams appear to be a helpful presence during a time period when residents typically have minimal interaction with your team (with little to no work from you!). It makes all the difference for resident satisfaction!

Problem #2: Personalizing the resident experience

With all the work site teams have to do, it can be difficult to craft a personalized, thoughtful resident experience. By providing Updater, site teams offer a “wow factor” that’s pre-populated with each resident’s information and customized for their new neighborhood. Residents feel the love, and your community stays top of mind!

Problem #3: Housewarming gifts

While offering Updater is a housewarming gift in and of itself, site teams can also partner with well-known brands to create personalized move-in offers for new residents. Whether it’s discounts at a home improvement store or deals on packing supplies at an office supply store, your teams can add move-in offers directly to Updater as a thank you gift for choosing the community.

Problem #4: Another software?!

With all the technology site teams use, they may be wary of adding yet another software into the mix. Luckily, it only takes a few clicks to integrate Updater into multiple platforms, including Yardi, MRI, Entrata, and more. Once the integration is complete, Updater handles the rest – Updater runs behind the scenes, inviting your new residents at the exact right time before moving day. If Updater hasn’t integrated with your CRM (yet!), simply send us a CSV file with the necessary information, and we’ll take it from there!

Problem #5: “I don’t know”

Site teams hate answering resident questions with “I don’t know.” That’s why any Updater-related questions or concerns go directly to our Customer Experience team, not your site teams. Our Customer Experience team will be able to answer all their moving-related questions, plus take full responsibility for any mishaps and work quickly to make them right. That way, site teams can focus on what they know best!

Problem #6: Too many questions, not enough time

Although your site teams may want to answer residents’ moving-related questions, they don’t necessarily have the time or the expertise to do so. Fortunately, we at Updater live to make moving easier for residents! Whether your resident forgot their new address, needs help updating their records at the DMV, or is simply looking for packing tips, residents can consult Updater for moving-related information. It’s like we’re your community’s personal “Moving Concierge.”

Problem #7: Resident referrals

Resident referrals are a simple way to get the word out about your communities, and Updater’s customizable software makes it even easier. With Updater’s moving announcement feature, residents can share personalized, community-branded moving e-cards on their social media accounts or via email. It’s a subtle but effective way for happy residents to promote your community.

Problem #8: Connecting residents and preferred providers

It’s not always easy to get the word out about all the awesome preferred providers that you’ve chosen to work with. On Updater, your community team can add a Preferred Provider Directory into their customized Updater site, ensuring that your partnerships remain front and center. Whether it’s your renters insurance providers, moving companies, dry cleaners, local schools, or favorite restaurants, residents can find all their perks and bonuses in one place — right when they need them!

Problem #9: Confusion about utilities and cable

Utility and cable setup are notoriously difficult, but Updater makes things less complicated. For connecting utilities, residents can find the provider information and contact details that they need right inside their Updater dashboards. For connecting cable, residents can compare cable packages and even schedule installation directly through the Updater moving concierge service!

Problem #10: Standing out from the crowd

With all the different management companies out there, it’s crucial to offer unique amenities that set your communities apart from the competition. Most communities offer awesome amenities that residents can enjoy after they move in, but with help from Updater, your site team can stand out by making residents happy before they ever pack a box. After all, an easier move-in day equals happier residents, and satisfied residents lead to a positive relationship with management, stellar reviews, and more renewals!

With Updater, your site teams can use a single software to resolve moving day pain points and offer a phenomenal resident experience.

Any questions about Updater’s features? Simply reach out to your Success Manager or email [email protected]. We’ll get back to you shortly!