4 Summer Email Templates to Boost Your Client Engagement

As a real estate agent, you know the importance of keeping in touch with clients after closing. But how do you keep in touch in a more timely way during the summer months when your clients are probably out at the beach? Here are four creative and summer-ized email templates for staying in contact with your clients.

1. Summer is officially here! 

What to send: A snappy, sunny email wishing your client a season full of warm weather, barbecues, beaches, and other summer staples!

Dear (Client Name), 

Today is a special day — it’s officially summer! Whether you revere the beach, enjoy camping, or love hosting barbecues in your backyard, I hope you have a wonderful summer filled with great weather and even better memories. 


(Agent Name)

When to send: On the first official day of summer, or around the time that the weather finally feels like summer — whichever comes first!

2. Happy birthday to America!

What to send: A patriotic email wishing your client a holiday full of barbecue, fireworks, and patriotism!

Dear (Client), 

240 years ago today, American colonists declared their independence from British rule, and the rest is history! What better way to celebrate than with hot dogs, burgers, and the company of friends and family, right? 

Whether you’re hosting the barbecue in your own backyard or spending it at a loved one’s home, I hope your 4th of July is full of great food, stunning fireworks, and a hefty dose of stars and stripes! 


(Agent Name)

When to send: On July 3rd or July 4th (though, remember that clients may not be checking their emails on the actual holiday!).

3. Sports tournament fever!

What to send: International sports tournaments happen almost every summer, so craft an email celebrating the kick off of the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, US Open, or whichever tournament is happening that summer!

Dear (Client Name),

The Olympic Games only happen every four years, but when they do, they capture the world’s attention. Even if you can’t make it to (destination of the sports event), you can always live stream events directly from your computer, or tune into NBC and make a party out of it in your wonderful home. I’ll be rooting for (team name), but wherever your loyalties lie, a little healthy competition never hurt anybody! 

Enjoy the season and the rest of the summer!


(Agent Name)

When to send: Shortly before the games begin! Alternatively, if it’s a bracket-style tournament like FIFA, send an email right before the final match.

4. Another summer came and went. 

What to send: An email that’s nostalgic for the summer memories made, but also wishes clients a happy fall!

Dear (Client Name),

Summer comes and goes too quickly, right?

It feels like only yesterday that planning beach days, backyard barbecues, and camping trips were the biggest priorities. But as the temperature gets cooler and the colors outside get warmer, we can all look forward to welcoming autumn and the beginning of the holiday season. 

I hope that this summer filled your home with great memories, and that the fall brings many, many more! 

Happy Fall, 

(Agent Name)

When to send: Around the time that schools and universities go back into session. Summer isn’t officially over until the end of September, but it’s unfortunately over in our hearts by mid to late August!

These templates are just jumping off points — feel free to get creative and customize them as you see fit! Whatever you choose to do, you’ll be well on your way to boosting client engagement and maintaining positive business relationships with a summer flair!