With Their Finger on the Pulse of the Industry, Barker Realty Delivers a Phenomenal Resident Experience

Founded in 1984 by North Carolina native William Barker, Barker Realty is one of the leading full-service management firms in “The Triangle” of North Carolina. They pride themselves on having their finger on the pulse of the industry and being able to provide their residents with an extraordinary housing experience. We caught up with Meredith Johnston, Marketing and Design Specialist at Barker, to learn more about how Updater helps Barker drive exceptional value and phenomenal experience for their residents.

Moving into a new apartment is a commitment of both time and resources. What have you seen as the biggest challenge to individuals that are on the move?

The biggest challenge for residents is definitely settling into their new property and updating all of their personal information so it aligns with and is consistent with their new home, from where their mail is delivered to transferring utilities. That is why we are thankful for the chance to partner with Updater to help our tenants through this process.  

What do you see as the key to extraordinary resident retention?

Put bluntly, the key to extraordinary resident retention is three things: good service, excellent communication, and timely repairs.

What specific programs have you implemented at your properties to increase resident retentions and satisfaction? Additionally, how does Updater supplement these initiatives?

The biggest thing we have implemented is trying to digitize our processes as much as possible, which includes partnering with Updater. It not only assists us in decreasing our workload but also allows our tenants to take advantage of being able to access all of their moving-related tasks in one central dashboard. It simplifies our lives but also streamlines the move-in process for our residents, which is always appreciated.

How have your residents responded to Updater?

Our residents really like Updater. It’s a tool we provide our residents that sets us apart from the competition. Being able to simplify the move-in process is important to everyone. Updater’s service is so helpful for anyone who is moving. When residents move into one of our properties and also use Updater, they remember the positive experience and associate it with us.

Are there any specific industry trends you are following? What are they and why do you find them important?

The housing market in Raleigh, NC is always changing and is one of the key drivers of the rental market. In general, when housing prices rise in the area, we always see more people wanting to rent. We are also currently seeing that more millennials want to rent longer opposed to buying. This also drives the types of properties we go after, as well as our pricing.

Lastly, what excites you about the future of the property management industry?

I love that the property management industry is always changing. Each day there is something new and it keeps us on our toes. We also have an amazing team. A good team makes the future look brighter.