Beer Home Team Attracts Both Clients and Agents with Updater

Based in San Diego, Beer Home Team — brokered by eXp Realty of California, Inc. — delivers a first-rate client experience, tailor-made to fit each client’s needs. Whether agents are guiding first-time home buyers through a purchase or helping clients close on their twelfth investment property, Beer Home Team brings the same effort and outstanding professional service to each of their clients. We sat down with Laura Branca, Chief Operating Officer, to discuss how Updater supports the success of their agents and their team as a whole.

Tell us a little bit about your team, what do you think makes it unique?

We really think of ourselves as not just a team, but as a company. That distinction is very important because it adds an extra level of intent to everything we do. Not only do we have specialized divisions who are fully committed to improving our client experience, but we also constantly seek out ways to become more efficient as a whole. At the end of the day, our ultimate goal is to better serve our clients.

In your opinion, why are technology integrations important in the real estate industry?

Technology integrations are incredibly important in the real estate industry because we’re all looking for leverage – either through people or through technology. Technology gives us a critical advantage because it allows us to save hours on admin work and, instead, spend these hours working on supporting clients, which is what this business is really all about.

What made you decide to offer Updater to your clients?

We decided to offer Updater to our clients because it gives our operations team an additional tool to leverage when providing a Ritz-Carlton level of service to our clients. Plus, it gives hours and hours of time back to our clients. They no longer have to worry about calling around to different utility companies, finding a moving company, and forwarding their mail. Updater simplifies the moving process so our clients can spend time on the things that really matter.

Compared to other tools you’ve integrated, in terms of ease-of-use and implementation, where does Updater fall?

Integrating with Updater was phenomenal! The interface is very easy for our clients to use, which is really the most important thing for us. We always ask: Are they able to log in and easily use the tools that are there? Or, is this just another hurdle they have to jump over? This definitely wasn’t the case. With Updater, it was seamless. And on our side, it was pretty plug-and-play — very straightforward to use.

How has Updater provided value to your overall business initiatives?

Our overall business initiatives — and I think this is true for most companies — are to find ways of becoming more attractive, not only to our clients but also to our team. Updater fits right into what we want – to give a better experience to our agents. This tool helps us make our agents’ lives better, which in turn makes the lives of our clients better. Ultimately, it fits perfectly into our business because not only does it serve our clients, but it also serves our team. And that is what we are really looking to do.