25 Best Apps and Software for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

The best apps for real estate agents and brokers all make your to-do list easier. Whether it’s helping a client book a slot at an open house or retooling your marketing strategy, the best apps lead to a better experience for your agents and clients.

The real estate industry already invests heavily in apps and software. To make it worthwhile, your brokerage should leverage technology to its fullest potential. To start, identify the processes that slow your agents down and then search for the app or software that address their needs.

To help get you started, we’ve curated 25 of the best apps for real estate agents and brokers that will make your businesses more efficient.

To send documents on the fly

At a brokerage, communication is key at every level. Whether it’s between an agent and a broker or an agent and a client, communication is an integral part of keeping a business running smoothly. In order to keep everyone on the same page, make documents easier to find and sign by going paperless. Digital document management helps agents and clients communicate swiftly, stay organized, and prevents them from misplacing important documents. Here are a few of our favorites:

DocuSign Transaction Rooms

One of the most popular apps for exchanging and signing documents, DocuSign helps agents control their data through every stage of the client relationship. Agents can send contracts and have them signed in a flash, all on a branded platform. With over 2.5 million real estate transactions closed each year, DocuSign is an agent’s best friend.


Your brokerage works best when it’s working together. BackAgent is a back-office intranet system designed to help your brokerage communicate in one central database for managing transactions. From document sharing to creating IDX websites, BackAgent helps keep your office connected.


A document and transaction system acquired by Zillow Group, Dotloop saves agents time and energy by creating customizable workspaces (loops) for each of their transactions. Agents can build custom templates, manage and track documents, collaborate on transactions with teammates, and loop in brokers on their progress.


A document management solution that keeps agents, brokers, and their clients on the same page, Skyslope makes following up with key stakeholders intuitive. Agents can capture every interaction with clients and leads, including text messages and emails, in an easy-to-use digital log. Brokerages even have access to the analytics associated with each member of their team.

To foster a better client experience

Improving the client experience starts with an agent and broker but ends with their tools. A clear and seamless relationship is something clients have come to expect from their brokerage and both apps and software help brokerages deliver an extraordinary experience.

Provide your agents with the tools they need to serve their clients with these amenity-focused apps.


There’s an app for everything, including getting keys to your clients. Key.me makes copying keys a task agents can complete while at the pharmacy and without inconveniencing the seller. Simply snap a photo of the key, head to your nearest Key.me kiosk, and get back to your day. No more risk of misplacing the seller’s keys!

PlanOmatic and Matterport

Virtual staging has never been easier for real estate agents and brokers. Agents, communicating with potential buyers across the country, can create accurate, shareable, and interactive floor plans for their listings. PlanOmatic, a team of photographers who create true-to-life floor plans for clients, and Matterport, the software behind 3D virtual walkthroughs, both bring what was once science fiction to life for agents and clients.

Spacio and Showing Suite

Showing homes is no longer a pen-and-paper affair for agents. Software like Spacio and Showing Suite offer digital sign-in sheets that can sync directly with your CRM. Agents can schedule and follow up with leads and send showing reports back to the seller on the go.


We obviously think highly of this specific app, but Updater is the only solution for brokerages to help their clients complete their moving tasks with ease. Updater is a moving app brokerages can provide to their clients that will help them complete their moving-related tasks, such as reserving a trusted moving company, transferring cable and internet, and updating accounts and records. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of biggest names in real estate think about Updater.

To leverage real-time real estate data

Brokerages need data-centric apps and software to improve how they target potential clients and how their agents serve their current clients. Some of the best apps for real estate agents make analyzing and delivering data to clients simple. Whether your clients need information about finding a home, pricing trends, or an overview of the services in their new neighborhood, these apps and software offer fast and accurate results.


AreaPulse puts your data to work for your agents and makes it look good for your clients. This app takes the neighborhoods a client or lead is targeting and creates easy-to-understand charts and graphs of its market data so they can make an informed decision. Save your agents hours of market research with AreaPulse’s branded, professional reports.

RPR Mobile

An app built exclusively for REALTORS®, RPR Mobile is a property-centric database of residential properties. The app helps agents search properties, create branded reports, and access local market activity across the country. Agents can view tax, mortgage, and the local market data of properties for their clients anywhere, anytime.


RealScout is a solution for agents and brokers to nurture leads by showing them the listings they care most about. RealScout uses hundreds of criteria points and sends branded listing alerts that reach leads with the right property at the right time, directly from their agent.

To make an impact with your marketing

Brokerages already know the difference good marketing campaigns can make on their business. The landscape of digital marketing has changed dramatically and agents and brokers need allies to help get their message to leads with a simple message at the perfect moment.

Here are the best apps for real estate agents that will keep your marketing campaign on target.

Marketo and BombBomb

Take your email marketing campaigns to the next level with software that’s proven to drive leads. Marketo is a lead management and email marketing tool that helps brokerages build customizable and targeted marketing campaigns. Want to take it a step further? Video content is the future of marketing and BombBomb can help your brand create engaging, easy-to-launch video emails.

LiveChat and Drift

No two leads are identical and your brokerage’s marketing campaign should reflect that. Live chat functions and chatbots are a new marketing strategy that gives leads the option to interact with your brand at their convenience. Both LiveChat and Drift allow your agents to answer questions in real time, track leads from your website, and interact with clients who are exploring your brand.


In their own words, “HubSpot is inbound marketing and sales software that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.” That means your brokerage’s marketing workload just got a little easier. HubSpot is a single platform that gives brokerages the tools to reach leads and the analytics to become data-driven markers. Create and manage SEO-driven content, blogs, landing pages, emails, social media, and ads that work together.


Real estate agents are some of the world’s best do-it-yourselfers and Canva makes D.I.Y. simple for creating professional marketing collateral. This online graphic design tool has drag-and-drop functionality, millions of photos, sleek graphics, social media and flyer templates, and custom fonts that help agents make an impact with their designs.

To keep your team organized

The to-do list of an agent and broker can feel neverending. On top of their responsibilities to the client, agents are tasked with being good teammates to their colleagues, staying on top of their outreach to leads, and learning new technology. The best apps for real estate agents work in two ways: they help agents manage their workload and they give them more time to dedicate to their clients’ needs.

Here are our top picks for apps that help agents and brokers stay organized.

Zapier and Cloze

Information is constantly flowing through the software at your brokerage with no way to communicate. Luckily, there are tools that help all of your web apps speak the same language. Zapier helps you easily connect your brokerage’s favorite apps, such as Gmail, Marketo, Skyslope, and even your favorite CRM. You can link actions like creating a team meeting in Google Calendar that triggers an email and slack message to your team. The possibilities are endless!

Similarly, Cloze is like a personal assistant for your agents. It syncs updates from email, social media, and note-taking apps and creates am aggregated inbox with a searchable, easy-to-manage task list and calendar.


Slack is much more than instant messaging for agents in your office — although it does that extraordinarily well. Slack is a virtual office space where your team can share files, archive information, celebrate successes, and collaborate on projects. You can even create custom channels that automatically pull articles from your favorite industry publications.

Microsoft OneNote and Evernote

A smartphone is one of an agent’s most powerful tools and Microsoft OneNote and Evernote both help agents connect their smartphone to their computer and their to-do list. Agents can take detailed notes for clients, save articles or images from the web, and even share their notes with clients by email.

Brokerages know that the best apps for real estate agents are the ones that make their brand more reliable for their clients. While there is no shortage of apps that make running a brokerage or being an agent more efficient, implementing new apps and software into your brokerage will take testing and training. Give your agents and team the opportunity to understand how each new app or piece of software can lighten their workload so they use it to its fullest potential.

Have an app or software your brokerage uses to stay ahead of the curve that we missed? Share them in the comments below.