BHGRE Winans Excels at Customer Satisfaction with a Unique Approach, and Updater

With over 30 years in the industry, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Winans, is a family-owned brokerage with a strong focus on both client satisfaction and experience. Based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, BHGRE Winans has a unique approach to engaging not only their clients, but the community at large. We caught up with Mark McDonough, President of BHGRE Winans, to learn more about their unique engagement approach and how Updater is helping them stay ahead of the competition.

At BHGRE Winans, you’re doing something very unique with your office space. Can you tell us a little more about this?

On Magnolia Avenue in Fort Worth, we have created Dallas-Fort Worth’s (DFW) first and only Art Gallery/Real Estate Lounge. Our office space is essentially doubling as an art gallery! This walkable and vibrant Fort Worth neighborhood makes it a perfect spot for people to wander in off the street and enjoy the work of local artists, as well as it being a beautiful meeting spot for our agents and their clients. Our goal was to create a space that represents and is a part of the community. We take pride in highlighting both local artists and student artists attending Texas Christian University.

How has the gallery set BHGRE Winans apart from other brokerages in the area and contributed to an exceptional client experience?

When you walk into most real estate offices, you’ll typically find a sea of cubicles, but that’s not us. As a company that is looking to hire the top talent in the DFW area, it’s important that we provide an exceptional work space where our agents can meet up and enjoy with clients. We also constantly have prospective clients (and agents) coming in off the street, purely out of curiosity to see this new concept.

The home buying/selling process is a hectic time for people. In your opinion, what takes a client experience from so-so and elevates it to exceptional?

We are moving into a world where convenience and simplicity are being valued almost as much as the number of dollars in a transaction. Some consumers are even willing to give up equity if the process is easier and more convenient for them. One of our jobs as a brokerage is to make the before, during, and after process of the transaction and move as seamless and painless as possible. Services like Updater are an excellent example of how the moving process can be streamlined and allow for a better client experience.

What has the response to your client experience initiatives — such as Updater and the gallery — been like?

Our agents have clients who are really excited and intrigued by our new space. Many agents are even holding client appreciation and community events at the art gallery, which opens up our space to a much wider audience.

At the end of the day, the most crucial aspect of our business is providing clients with the best experience possible. We’re able to do this through the amazing relationships we’ve built between our agents and clients, as well as by offering valuable tools such as Updater. Coupled together, these aspects make the process of buying/selling a home significantly more enjoyable.

How would you describe your overall experience working with Updater?

It’s been phenomenal, a very positive experience! Updater has been an easy platform to roll out to our agents and their clients. It has also been a very collaborative relationship. Updater continuously looks for opportunities to help us, and our agents, be better, which is exactly what you want from a partner.