VIDEO: Citi Habitats Sets Themselves Apart with Updater

With offices throughout all five New York City boroughs, Citi Habitats understands NYC real estate like no other brokerage. They operate in almost 375 neighborhoods, from Astoria to Stapleton, and have decades of unrivaled insight into each location. This experience allows Citi Habitats to deliver informative customer service and personalized experiences to each client.

The real estate agents at Citi Habitats are tech-savvy market experts with the ultimate goal of bringing their expertise to their clients. Their in-depth knowledge of NYC, partnered with their vast inventory and marketing capabilities enable them to support each client’s needs. Whether clients are buying their first home, searching for an ideal rental, or looking to expand their business, Citi Habitats brings their wealth of industry knowledge to each individual for enhanced client experiences. To learn more about Citi Habitats’ experience with Updater, watch the testimonial below.

Updater helps my clients in making the moving process fun instead of stressful.

– Shabir Ahmad, Real Estate Agent at Citi Habitats