Deep integrations provide an unmatched experience for multifamily partners and residents

From stressful to stress-free, Updater’s new features for multifamily will bring bold new benefits to simplify the move-in process for residents and onsite teams.

Moving to a new home is chaotic and messy. Keeping track of checklists and bottomless to-dos often becomes a near-impossible task for movers, who need to visit countless suppliers and vendors in time for move-in day.

Before Updater, our real estate partners did not have a stress-free way to assist with these challenges, ultimately leading to inefficiency and frustration for themselves and future residents. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

A Better Way to Move

Updater is a digital moving assistant which helps movers achieve a frictionless move. With Updater, movers can power through to-dos like setting up insurance, TV/internet, and moving services directly through a co-branded platform. Onsite teams can define and track any required items by move-in day, ensuring a welcoming and time-saving experience for everyone. And because Updater points residents to your preferred providers, we even help increase your ancillary income.

Updater’s partnerships and deep integrations with hundreds of service providers across dozens of categories make it easy for residents to organize and complete their move in one place. Updater has always made it easy to complete the moving process in one, tidy platform, and with our new features set to release this spring, the process will be more streamlined than ever.

At Updater, we’ve spent the better part of a decade building deep and complex technology integrations directly with hundreds of leading service providers (from cable companies to moving companies). These integrations offer an unmatched experience that simplifies the moving process and makes moving feel effortless.

As a result of our proprietary technologies and integrations, Updater can place orders directly with service providers on behalf of residents, at their direction, and with no strings attached.

The new features will be available this spring. Please let us know here if you are interested in learning more.