Developer Q&A: Updater and zipForm® Integration

We sat down with Steve, one of Updater’s incredibly-talented software developers, to learn more about his work on the software integration between zipForm® and Updater, and why he thinks the integration is a great value-add for real estate agents.

Steve, what’s your core focus at Updater?

I lead the front end team of engineers at Updater. That means that I have a hand in building the elements that our clients and customers actually see and experience within our product. I’ve also been known to dabble in some of Updater’s internal applications.  

So, you worked on the integration with zipForm® – a feature that clients can actually see. Before we dive into the integration specifics, can you provide a basic overview of zipForm®?

Yes, of course! zipForm® is a software solution for real estate agents and brokerages. Agents can create and manage standard forms for all of the transactions they’re coordinating. Both agents and clients can use it to digitally sign important documents throughout the home buying and selling process.

Why was an integration with zipForm® important for Updater?

By building an integration directly with zipForm®, we (meaning both Updater and zipForm®) make it extremely easy for our joint clients to offer Updater. The integration enables a seamless transfer of information between Updater and the real estate agent. By syncing the two systems, agents can essentially use Updater from within zipForm® – like two in one. They really love it.

Are there any unique features of the integration?

Yes – once the real estate agent has set up their zipForm® account, all they have to do is click a button to “turn on” Updater – it’s literally as easy as flipping a switch! 

That’s awesome! What kind of technologies made that possible?

The integration itself simply uses Ruby on Rails and our REST API. On the front end we used Angular

What did you enjoy most about working on this integration?

Seeing people actually use it – that’s what every engineer loves to see. Hundreds of agents started using it instantly, and we see more and more syncing their systems every day.

Why should real estate companies care about this integration?

The Updater/zipForm® integration makes it incredibly easy for real estate agents to offer Updater to their clients. This is a huge value to agents – after all, we help streamline the moving process for their clients, allowing for a much easier transition around their move. So, it’s a great value add for agents, and a win-win for everyone.

And, lastly, just for fun, what do you love most about engineering at Updater?

The people. I love how passionate everyone is about achieving our goals. It’s so refreshing to know you’re working with a team that is 100% on the same page.