Dircks Moving & Logistics Calls Updater a “Great Fit”

Founded in 1990, Dircks Moving and Logistics has provided award-winning moving services to residential and commercial clients for over 25 years. We recently had a chance to catch up with Gary Snipes, Sales Manager for the Phoenix-based Agent for Mayflower Van Lines. Snipes shared his experience with Updater, as well as his thoughts on how successful companies can continue to create value for their customers. Read on!  

Since offering Updater for the first time, how have your customers responded?

Very positively – they love it! Today’s customers look for every opportunity to make their lives simpler. We take a lot of pride in the quality of service we provide and in our ability to address that need however we can. Therefore, Updater is a great fit for us.

How has offering Updater affected your customer happiness/loyalty?

Again, it shows that Dircks Moving & Logistics cares about making the lives of our customers easier with value-added services. Although we haven’t been with Updater very long, we’ve already seen that more than 2 out of every 3 customers are looking at Dircks’ custom Updater invitation and more than 1 out of 5 are signing up for it. That’s outstanding.

Describe why you feel that working with Updater has been successful for Dircks Moving & Logistics.

One word – EASY. It was easy to set up and integrate with our business, easy for our sales team to understand and incorporate into their pitch, and easy for customers to use. It’s also a great selling point for customers since we’re offering it as a complimentary service that’s completely free for them.  

Amanda Amato
Amanda Amato

As Updater's Senior Marketing Manager, Amanda is responsible for spreading the good news, assisting in the execution of all marketing programs, events, public relations, partnerships and more. When Amanda isn’t orchestrating marketing at Updater, she’s either eating, traveling, or playing soccer.

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I have been reading up about your moving application and I think that it's a great solution for helping to coordinate all the aspects of a move. I mean, moving around all those storage boxes and the whole act of moving is such a chore and so tedious. It's great that someone has come up with some ideas of how to make it easier without having to engage professional help.

As a business owner, sometimes it's actually really thought to find things that can enhance and improve a customer's experience. I think that' it's great that Updater has found something that works in the niche for the storage and moving industry and I'm pretty sure more people will agree too!