Everything You Need To Know About Updater Certified Moving Companies

We know that it can be hard to distinguish a reputable moving company from a scam artist. Therefore, allow us to make it easy for you.

Updater Certified Moving Companies are pre-vetted moving companies that received Updater’s seal of approval. How does a moving company achieve that honor, you ask? Well, in order to become an Updater Certified Moving Company, moving companies must meet every single piece of our strict criteria:

  • Updater Certified Moving Companies must be licensed and insured with a DOT Number and be registered with the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).

  • Updater Certified Moving Companies who operate interstate (between states) moves must have interstate Operating Authority (an MC number) in addition to a DOT number from the FMCSA.

  • Updater Certified Moving Companies must be insured for the type of cargo they carry. Updater follows FMCSA standards, which you can find here.

  • Updater Certified Moving Companies must be American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) members or members of their local/state moving trade association. As members of AMSA, all Updater Certified Moving Companies agree to abide by the AMSA Code of Ethics, which includes promises to:

    • Consistently offer the most efficient and reliable moving and storage services available, while adhering strictly to a policy of truth, honesty, integrity, and fairness in all business transactions

    • Promote the elimination of fraud, deceit, misrepresentation and unethical practices within the industry

    • Consistently strive for improvement in all facets of industry operations

    • Be conscious and considerate of consumer needs and to continually promote the progress, fraternity, education and dignity of the moving industry

    • Maintain the highest concern for the health, welfare, and safety of employees

  • Updater Certified Moving Companies must only use their legal or DBA name in their marketing campaigns, verified via FMCSA’s SAFER database.

  • Updater Certified Moving Companies must also maintain good ratings on the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Angie’s List, and/or Google reviews.

  • Last but certainly not least, all Updater Certified Moving Companies must also offer Updater’s moving concierge services to their customers, showcasing their commitment to excellent customer service for consumers.

Although not a requirement to become an Updater Certified Moving Company, most of our moving company partners are also AMSA ProMover Certified. The AMSA ProMover program is a designation program that fights scammers and unreliable companies in the industry by recognizing professional moving companies who abide by the following ethical business practices:

  • Inform the consumer of their rights and responsibilities

  • Keep advertising fair and accurate

  • Inform the consumer of liability policies for lost or damaged goods

  • Provide estimates of cost

  • Abide by the 110% rule*

  • Prepare a descriptive inventory of goods to be approved by the consumer before the move

  • Determine the shipment weight with a certified scale, and perform reweigh if requested

  • Make reasonable efforts to fulfill service agreement, and inform consumer of any changes/delays of service

  • Acknowledge loss, damage, or delay claims within 30 days and pay, decline, come to a compromise or inform consumer of delay in response to claim within 120 days

  • Resolve loss, damage, or charge disputes of $10,000 or less through arbitration under the rules of the AMSA Dispute Settlement Program

  • Van Lines must provide the AMSA Code of Ethics to their agents, and do their best to ensure that agents are following it

  • Have no applicable state or federal felony convictions against its owners, officers or majority stockholders

  • Be fully compliant with state incorporation laws

  • Be compliant with applicable state and federal laws and AMSA’s Code of Ethics

Not an Updater Certified Moving Company (but want to be)? Let us know!

* “Shipments will not be held “hostage” and will be released to the customer upon payment of no more than 110% of the non-binding estimate amount, or 100% of the binding estimate amount, plus the full amount of any additional charges for household goods or services that were not included in the estimate that were either requested by the shipper or necessary to accomplish the transportation and delivery of the shipment. The collection of any additional charges will be postponed for 30 days after delivery.”