Lennox Companies Exceed Resident Satisfaction

The Lennox Companies‘ Development Manager, Ashlee Kinnaman, dishes on how Updater has affected resident happiness, loyalty, and the move-in (and out!) process.

Since offering Updater for the first time, how have your residents responded?

We have had a great response from our residents and even more so from prospects! The moving process can be cumbersome, but we remove the burden and stress from that process by coupling our Lennox standard of customer service with the convenience of Updater.

I’m sure your staff deals with move-in issues on a regular basis. How excited are they to have this new tool?

Our team members have always gone above and beyond to ensure our future residents have an excellent experience, but now we’re extending that service beyond our office – we’re offering our new residents something they can do to finalize the tedious portion of their move for free from the comfort of their own home! It’s a win-win.

Have you seen any changes in resident happiness and loyalty?

By showing that we care, not only about your move to our communities, but also about your move from our communities, we ensure that we exceed resident satisfaction. Since offering Updater, we are now giving our residents that have to leave us a tool to transition to their next home with ease. It’s not often that communities assist with the moving out process, but with Updater we are doing just that. As a result, we are seeing happy, loyal, and possibly even repeat residents!

That’s fantastic, happy residents is all we can ask for, right?! Although, happy staff has to come into play somewhere in your decision to launch Updater. Have we been able to make your teams’ lives easier at all?

By having all of our preferred providers (i.e. renters insurance, utility companies, etc.) listed within Updater, our Leasing Specialists go over (once!) the requirements that have to be met prior to moving in and then allow Updater to “get the last word in” with links and steps to meet each individual requirement.

You’re so right – customization is key! What was your customization and launch experience like with our team? 

There are so many products that are used in multifamily housing and each can be quite time consuming to grasp in their entirety. However, the Updater training can be done in 10 minutes and you’re pretty much a pro! That couldn’t be achieved, however, without the Updater Team. Lennox Companies has had the opportunity to develop our partnership with Updater through knowledgeable team members including Jon Wyant and Brittany Parkinson who have been by our side every step of the way.

This is music to our ears! Ashlee, thank you so much for your time – it’s been a pleasure working with you and The Lennox Companies. 

Thank you!