From days to hours: Bozzuto’s secret to faster resident move-ins revealed

Bozzuto, the 14th largest property management company in the nation,* leveraged Updater Pro | Onboarding to increase onsite team efficiency and create a consistent onboarding experience that residents and onsite teams love.

*NMHC 50 Largest Apartment Managers, 2023 Rankings

Challenge: Create a consistent, streamlined move-in experience for residents and onsite teams

Going from an approved applicant to a fully moved-in resident can be a heavy lift for both onsite teams and future residents. Traditionally, onsite teams managed move-ins through manual processes like email, spreadsheets, and fielding phone calls. This makes it hard for onsite teams to collaborate and know what’s outstanding for each future resident. Bozzuto needed a simple and welcoming move-in process and turned to Updater for a solution that:

  • Was quick & easy to set up
  • Created time savings through automation
  • Teams & residents found easy to use
  • Increased engagement with recommended services

Results with Updater Pro | Onboarding

Increased adoption with easy-to-use platform

Introducing new platforms and processes can create adoption challenges, so it was important to Bozzuto that the changes for onsite teams be simple and deliver clear value. Not only were communities able to quickly get up and running, but 95% of onsite team respondents also rated Updater Pro | Onboarding as “extremely easy to use” in a recent survey.

Automation saves time

Before Updater, Bozzuto teams spent hours working through all the usual manual to-dos like answering resident questions, documenting move-in details, and following up on tasks. Now, Bozzuto teams trust Updater’s automation to do the heavy lifting, from creating welcome letters and sharing preferred provider information to sending resident reminders. As a result, onsite teams report saving at least 1-2 hours per move.

Move-in ready residents

Moving is ranked as the third most stressful life event. And, Bozzuto understands that delivering a positive experience from minute one is a great way to increase the likelihood of a renewal down the road. Residents have shared feedback that Updater is “easy to use,” and they complete required move-in tasks faster than ever thanks to Updater’s guided task completion experience.

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