Gloria Nilson and Co. Extends White-Glove Service with Updater

With over 700 agents across 23 offices, Gloria Nilson and Co. Real Estate has provided customized experiences to a diverse array of clientele for nearly four decades. Whether it is a horse property and barn, a home in an adult community, or luxury waterfront, Gloria Nilson agents have the experience and expertise to provide white-glove service to each and every one of their clients. We caught up with Patricia Bell, President and CEO at Gloria Nilson & Co. Real Estate, to learn how their adoption of Updater helps them further extend their exceptional customer service and personalization.

Can you tell us a little about Gloria Nilson and Co. Real Estate, what makes it unique?

At Gloria Nilson, our commitment has always been about having the best team of real estate agents in the industry and providing outstanding service and support to our clients. We strive to assist our agents in providing an integrated home buying and/or selling experience for their clients. We look at ourselves as a team, all with one common goal: to provide the best process and experience for every single one of our clients. 

With this mindset, we are fully committed to improving our clients’ experiences and are constantly seeking out ways to provide more efficiency and convenience. We offer a full suite of services through our in-house marketing department, relocation department, and our mortgage, title, and home warranty services to ensure reputable support and smooth transactions.

We’re also an Exclusive Affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate — an invitation-only affiliate network composed of the world’s most proven and qualified real estate specialists in the luxury residential sector. Brokers who are accepted into this invitation-only network have proven records of success in luxury home sales. Our affiliation with Christie’s is one that we are very proud of. We’ve had many instances where potential sellers have come to Gloria Nilson solely because of our affiliation with Christie’s. 

What made you initially decide to offer Updater to your clients?

Being an affiliate of LeadingRE has provided us with marketing insights and ideas beyond our wildest dreams. During a leadership summit, we were introduced to Updater and all of its amazing capabilities. From the very beginning, we saw the value in Updater and knew it was something that we had to start offering to our agents. Promptly, after returning from that meeting, we met with the rest of our marketing department to tell them about this great new tool. Within a few months, we were rolling the program out to our company.

What value does Updater bring your agents?

Our partnership with Updater helps our agents remain a step ahead of the competition. Updater is a real value-add for winning a potential client’s business by helping them streamline their moving process. With such a high desire for moving services from clients and less than 16% of real estate companies offering a service like this, Updater gives our agents another tool that sets them apart. 

Gloria Nilson strives to offer a seamless transaction from beginning to end, and Updater fits right into that mission. From forwarding mail to booking TV and internet, Updater is a true moving concierge. Keeping in touch post-closing is such an important factor, yet often overlooked. By providing Updater to our agents, we are bridging that gap. We’re making the lives of our agents’ clients easier, and in turn, our agents look good. What more could we ask for?

Why do you believe technology integrations are important to the real estate industry?

Technology integrations are so important because people nowadays are constantly on the go. With so much technology at consumers’ fingertips, it is important to streamline the process and provide the clients with what they want most: ease and efficiency. Being consumer-focused is part of providing the most integrated and successful home buying and selling process possible.

People say to work smarter, not harder. By offering so many technology integrations, we allow our agents to be more client-focused while keeping them ahead of the technology curve, an impressive quality to a potential client. This is one of the many reasons that we decided to partner with Updater. They understand our commitment to providing an integrated and consumer-focused sales process.

We’ve heard some great feedback from our clients since launching Updater in 2018. People are always commenting on how having a centralized location to complete their moving tasks makes their lives easier. People also love how easy it is to use.

Last but not least, what excites you most about the future of the real estate industry?

The real estate industry is a constantly changing field. To be successful, you need to stay ahead of the curve and keep up with the current trends, and here at Gloria Nilson that is exactly what we are doing. We provide ongoing training for our agents that keeps them up to date on the current technologies and real estate trends while planning for changes that may be up ahead.

I’m definitely most excited to see how the industry continues to change for both agents and consumers. With technology playing such an integral role in real estate, it’s going to be exciting to see how this process changes and simplifies the buying and selling process.