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VIDEO: How Brik Realty Uses Updater to Stay Ahead of the Competition

The team at Brik Realty is focused on building a collaborative, technology-forward brokerage for both their clients and their agents. This energetic company eases the moving process with a technology-focused approach and a keen eye for the needs of their clients.

Brik Realty fosters a competitive, team-based culture that continues to put clients first. Unafraid to adapt to growing trends and client requests, Brik Realty continues to alleviate the struggles that come with moving. They understand the challenges that can arise during the moving process and know how to help their clients with reassurance and practical tools.

We sat down with Gusty Gulas, President of Brik Realty, to discuss how their use of technology and their partnership with Updater propels them ahead of the competition and enables them to provide the necessary support to clients and agents throughout the moving process.

We’re always asking: ‘what does the consumer want out of this process?’, and typically they want it to be easy and efficient, which is why we partnered with Updater.

– Gusty Gulas, President

Dawn Macri
Dawn Macri

Dawn is a former content marketing intern at Updater. When she isn’t writing, researching, or creating content, you can find her cooking dinner with friends, exploring new neighborhoods, or plotting her next adventure.

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