VIDEO: How Pinnacle Leverages Updater to Exceed Amenity Expectations

Since 1980, Pinnacle has focused on providing exemplary customer satisfaction to their residents. Stressing that an apartment is not just a place to live, but a community, Pinnacle has created an atmosphere where over 95% of their residents express a high level of satisfaction.

With over 172,000 units to the Pinnacle name, such a high level of satisfaction is no easy feat. Pinnacle recognizes that today’s amenities are often now services – and making the move-in process easier for residents is one such service-based amenity that starts the resident relationship off on the right foot.

We sat down with Jennifer Staciokas, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Training at Pinnacle, to discuss what makes Pinnacle’s properties unique and to hear how they’ve leveraged their adoption of Updater to streamline the moving process for their residents.

Jennifer and her team have successfully woven Updater into the resident journey to streamline the moving process for their residents, but it doesn’t end there. We’re constantly working together to come up with exciting new tips and tricks – and Updater helps bring them to life, enhancing their residents’ journey to the fullest. — Laura Dalton, Updater Success Manager


Sara Sugar
Sara Sugar

Sara is the former Content Marketing Manager at Updater. When not creating, editing, or tracking content, you’ll find her making chocolate, eating tacos, or planning her next excursion. She’s moved so many times in New York City that she’s lost count, seriously.

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