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Improving Resident Experience at GrayCo Properties

While GrayCo Properties provides nice amenities for residents, their main focus is on personalization and providing great service. Residents are typically frustrated by the moving experience, but with Updater, GrayCo has the ability to make moving easier for their residents from start to finish.

We spoke with Donna Bolewitz, Director of Marketing at GrayCo Properties, and Kathryn Megrue, District Manager at GrayCo Properties, about the site team and resident response to Updater and how our app for moving makes the moving process easier for both parties.

As Donna says, “Our teams love it because they don’t have to do any work… and our residents have found that it’s really easy to use.” Learn why the GrayCo team calls adopting Updater “seamless” and see how it makes residents feel like they’ve arrived at their new home before moving day.

See firsthand what Updater can do to transform your resident experience and differentiate your services.

Jiordan Castle
Jiordan Castle

Jiordan is Updater's former Digital Content Manager. Here content specialties are renters and homeowners insurance, cloud technology, and all things moving! She eats pizza every Friday and never buys a new iPhone until her current one breaks.

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