How the Integral Group keeps applicants engaged

Founded in 1993, The Integral Group co-developed their first property in the Center City South area of Birmingham, Ala., spurring the revitalization of the neighborhood.

Nearly 25 years later, with over 50 properties to their name, Integral is one of the nation’s principal providers of sustainable real estate and property management. They haven’t forgotten their mission of strengthening the fabric of communities, however, and stand strong in their commitment to investing in the health and well-being of urban areas.

We caught up with Jamie Lee, Director of Sales and Training for Integral’s Property Management division to chat about Integral, affordable housing, and Updater’s rock star status among their staff and residents.

We know that integral has a diverse unit mix, can you tell us a bit more about what that means?

The Integral Group is the creator of the Affordable Mixed Income business model. Each of our communities incorporates three income levels as well as a variety of floorplan styles, ranging from one to four bedroom apartment styles.

Does your affordable clientele have different customer service expectations than conventional properties? How are you meeting those needs?

No, all our prospects and residents expect a high level of customer service! We are constantly looking for ways to provide the unexpected in new service platforms.

How have you incorporated Updater into your processes?

Updater is the best way we have found to keep applicants engaged with their soon-to-be new apartment home. We have customized each community’s Updater portal with specific information. 

What problems or solutions has Updater helped you and your site teams with in regards to your operations?

The first solution that Updater provides is a new and unique closing tool. Our leasing professionals can now confidently say we take some of the difficulty out of moving. Secondly, Updater provides quarterly reports that help us measure its impact and a way to improve our reputation management.

What kind of response have you seen from residents and team members regarding Updater?

The feedback has been fantastic from recent move-ins! They say Updater is a time- and cost-saving feature.

How would you describe your overall experience working with Updater?

Updater made the whole process smooth. The rollout education and materials our IPM associates received were very good! I particularly appreciated the help with branding and customizing our individual platforms. We have been an Updater client for over a year, and we still receive outstanding support and our Client Success team is incredibly responsive!