It’s True: BHHS Verani Realty LOVES Updater

Another stress-free move, another happy client! At least so says Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Verani Realty, who recently added Updater to the suite of services they offer to their Realtors® and clients.

As Verani Realty stated, the consensus is unanimous: their Realtors® and clients LOVE using Updater! One of their happy customers raved, “I sat down for 10 minutes and changed my address, updated by magazine subscriptions, and called the electric and gas company in the area I’m moving to!”

Better yet, their Realtors® love adding Updater to their toolbox of services they offer to their clients. They shared, “Our Realtors® are also happy that they can provide this service so that their customers can settle into their new home knowing that they left absolutely nothing behind in the old residence and are totally moved in to their new home when they get there!”

We’re particularly glad to be working alongside BHHS Verani, which services New Hampshire and Massachusetts, because they’re exactly the kind of forward-thinking brokerage that is going above and beyond the call of duty to deliver an excellent client experience. Over the years, they’ve consistently incorporated technology solutions to ensure a more seamless transaction for their Realtors® and their clients (and even decided to work with Updater because we offer an API). And it’s come with big rewards; they ranked #22 out of the entire BHHS network earlier this year in recognition of their client satisfaction. With that, here’s to happy clients and the company that’s helping to make it all happen!