Keeping the Focus on the Client with Pearson Smith Realty

Pearson Smith Realty has perhaps the most beautiful real estate office in the industry. (Just look at these photos!) Better yet, they help new and seasoned homebuyers in Northern Virginia find the perfect place to call home. We spoke with Brooke Herron, a real estate agent at Pearson Smith Realty, about the core values on which the real estate company was founded, how Updater improves the client experience, and what it means to be a well-rounded agent.

Eric Pearson, President & Founder, and Brooke Herron, Agent

In your opinion, what makes an incredible client experience?

An incredible client experience starts with a well-rounded agent who has a solid support system in place and knows how to navigate the real estate market, build client relationships, and manage their business. The client experience in real estate should never end once it’s begun. Offering a tool like Updater helps with retaining clients by providing them with additional time-saving steps in the home buying process.

Eric Pearson, President & Founder, and Brooke Herron, Agent

How does Updater help you offer more to clients?

Updater is an excellent offering because of its ease of use and necessity. Everyone who moves needs to forward mail, set up utilities, change their address on various accounts, and notify friends and family of their address change. Updater allows all of these tasks to be managed from one central location, which cuts down time clients would otherwise spend figuring out how to make each of these changes themselves.

Was it easy to get started with Updater?

Yes. It’s very intuitive and has a great user experience.

How has it been to work with an Updater Success Manager?

Great. Responsive and helpful thus far!

What does it mean for Pearson Smith Realty to sell “right addresses” to clients?

Selling “right addresses” solidifies an agency’s place in their market. Pearson Smith Realty has fast become synonymous with Ashburn, Virginia, because of their ability to outperform the competition by offering the best client experience.

What’s one of the biggest mistakes a first-time homebuyer can make?

Not using a real estate agent. Most real estate agents have bought and sold more homes than the first-time homebuyer. Missing out on an opportunity to use an agent could result in money and time lost for the homebuyer. Choosing an agent who is equipped with the most innovative tools and partners with industry leaders should guarantee a smooth transaction and the most favorable outcome for the buyer.

What makes your team unique in the industry?

Pearson Smith Realty was founded on a list of core values (i.e., what they would want out of a realtor), which they have followed through on:

  • Focus on the client and all else will follow.
  • You can be serious without wearing a suit.
  • Be humble, stay hungry.
  • Work for your “Why?”
  • Be fair and consistent.
  • Do it right or don’t do it.
  • Communicate openly and honestly.
  • Don’t forget to be awesome!

Because each member of management shares the genuine desire to see their agents succeed, their energy, support, and synergy are unmatched in our area. Clients and other agents can’t deny the appeal that Pearson Smith Realty has, which is why we have become the fastest-growing brokerage in Northern Virginia.