Landis takes Atlanta: Site Visit Road Trip

As a former property manager and current Client Success Manager here at Updater, our clients mean the world to me and my team. So, when I recently paid a (personal) visit to my hometown of Atlanta, I decided to hit the road and say hi to a few of our Atlanta-based clients along the way. Read on for a first-person account of my adventures on the road!

(P.S. Not an Atlanta native? Take a peek at Buzzfeed’s glossary of “Atlantan” terms.)

Day 1

Oh good, I still remember how to drive! Looks like I’ll be going from Peachtree, to Peachtree, down another Peachtree…

Stop 1Exchange at North Haven, Cortland Partners
All-star Manager: Katie O’Donnell
Unit Count: 406
Resident’s Favorite Updater Feature: Update Your Accounts
Highlight: Introducing Katie to our Resource Center. She discovered some awesome information for her team to share on their Facebook page!
Key Takeaway: The front Welcome Desk is the perfect place to display Updater brochures!

Pit Stop: Bon Glaze Donuts
To Eat: Bacon Butterscotch Donut. Two words: CANDIED. BACON.
To Drink: Small French Vanilla Latte

Stop 2: Montage at Embry Hills, Bridge Property Management
Sweet-as-Sweet Tea Assistant Manager: Marla Howell
Unit Count: 225
Unique Amenity: Putting Green
Highlight: Marla LOVED the idea of including Updater in their Welcome Letter. She wanted me to recreate hers right on the spot!
Key Takeaway: Oh, a day in the life of a property management team — I remember what it feels like to not sit down all day!

Stop 3: The Columns at Akers Mill, ECI Group
Boss Man: Wade Gibson
Unit Count: 400
Hours Saved on Moving-Related Tasks: 64 (so far…)
Highlight: When calling residents to explain the next steps in the leasing process, Wade and his team always make sure their residents expect to receive their Updater invitation.
Key Takeaway: Big property = lots o’ moves! Thank goodness they have Updater – it saves residents of The Columns at Akers Mill a ton of time (and frustration) when moving.

Now I better get home to walk Charlie Lane! Oh wait, Atlanta traffic…

Day 2

It’s called “Hotlanta” for a reason. A positively balmy 101 degrees today!

Breakfast: Waffle House, the diner of the South!
To Eat: Pecan Waffle, hash browns scattered and covered
Listening to: Found enough coins in my rental car to play “Achy Breaky Heart” (Billy Ray Cyrus!) on the Jukebox.

Stop 1: Savannah Midtown, Waterton
Bubbliest Assistant Manager Ever: Amie Dufek
Unit Count: 332
Updater Invites Sent: 104 since May!
Highlight: Amie used Updater for her very own move and was very pleased!
Key Takeaway: Savannah Midtown will soon be renovating and updating their amenities. They’ll be spotlighting the upgrades within Updater to inform residents of new features.

Stop 2: AMLI Ponce Park
Leasing Professional Extraordinaire: Crystal Eleby
Unit Count: 305
Saving the Planet: “AMLI Ponce Park’s LEED Platinum certification enables our residents to lower their environmental impact while also lowering their utility bills.”
Highlight: The Preferred Provider Directory is the perfect place for Ponce Park to display their AMLI Perks partners. One of my personal faves, Bartaco, made the list – sign me up!
Key Takeaway: Updater is a Green Initiative! Not only do we save time and frustration, we also save residents paper and a drive to various businesses.

Pit Stop: Chick-fil-A Drive Thru
What to Eat: Chicken nuggets, duh
How to Eat It: In the car while speeding on the GA400

Stop 3: Park 83, Cortland Partners
The Park 83 Squad: Alex and The Leasing Ladies
Unit Count: 664 – WOWZA!
Need some space?: 83 acres of luxury amenities (hence the name!)
Highlight: Park 83 boasts over 1000 residents. Needless to say, their site team is incredibly busy. They love offering Updater as their moving concierge and giving residents everything they need to pick up their keys on move-in day.
Key Takeaway: I don’t think the phone stopped ringing the entire time I was in the office! Since Park 83 just rolled out with Updater, they’re super excited about how offering it will help cut down phone calls. More move-in questions covered by Updater = fewer resident phone calls!

Stop 4: AMLI North Point – AKA The first property I ever worked at!
My besties: Lisa Putman, Trisha Waldron, Meredith Barnes, Caroline Vollo
Unit Count: 366
Ahhh Fresh Air: AMLI North Point is a BreatheEasy community – which means smoking is not allowed (unlike the streets of NYC)!
Highlight: I love these ladies! They’re the reason I love working with property teams – hearts of gold and lots of laughter.
Key Takeaway:  The AMLI North Point team, without a doubt, provides an outstanding living environment for their residents. Offering Updater takes their commitment to excellent customer service one step further and sets them apart from the competition.

After a whirlwind of site visits, I’m officially exhausted. Time to head back to home base to spend time with my family!

Curious to know what I listened to while I was on the road? You can check out my special Atlanta Playlist here. (It’s got tunes from Gladys Knight, Jermaine Dupri, and Alan Jackson – trust me, it’s worth a listen!)

Smell ya later!!