L&J Transportation Prioritizes Their Customers & Community

With a long history of putting customers and community first, L&J Transportation (with locations including Pottstown and Raleigh) thrives on positive customer and employee experiences. That involves charitable work, striving for above-and-beyond service, and delivering a unique value-add to every customer. Having been founded on one principle — the idea that if you take care of customers, they’ll take care of you — L&J Transportation has spent 20+ years revolutionizing moving in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and beyond. We spoke with them about adopting Updater, taking customer service to the next level, and why it’s important for moving companies to consider their communities.

What makes L&J Transportation unique?

L&J Moving & Storage is a family-owned and operated company with a core focus on family values and customer satisfaction. We strive to meet the needs and wants of our customers to ensure their experience is flawless from start to finish. Our large company fleet — along with our strategically placed second agency location in North Carolina — grants us the flexibility to satisfy pick-up and delivery dates that other companies simply cannot offer.

Moving is a hectic time for people. Before, during, or even after a move, what takes a customer experience from so-so to exceptional?

The customer experience is about satisfying the customer. An average experience is expected nowadays, and to “wow” your customer, you must exceed their expectations to remain competitive in today’s economy. To accomplish this, companies must cater to their customers and exceed their expectations by not only satisfying their needs, but also their wants.

Giving the customer a free service or product for their patronage, offering them opportunities outside of the normal scope of policy, and catering to their unique demands are just a few ways you can take an experience from so-so to exceptional.

How does Updater help you provide a better customer experience?

Updater has been a tremendous help to our customers. This service, as we call it, is a value-add or “icing on the cake.” The customer is already in line to receive everything they expected they should from our company in terms of moving services, and the extra features that Updater’s app for moving provides takes this a step further.

It has since provided our customers with an end-to-end moving experience. In a sense, with the help of Updater, we are now able to help them move everything — even the intangible things, such as utilities and mail forwarding.

Similarly, how has Updater helped the L&J Transportation team?

Updater has given our sales team another tool to use. When it comes time to differentiate ourselves from the competition, our teams now have the option to flaunt Updater. Although it’s something that is always presented, we can focus on the service and emphasize its value in order to woo our customers and pull ahead in the rankings throughout our industry.

How has it been to work with the Updater team?

The Updater team is wonderful. They send us metrics to measure performance, reach out and offer assistance, and always seem to be there when a question is presented. We very much like the experience that we have had thus far with Updater.

What role do you think technology plays in the moving industry today?

Customer service has been evolving rapidly across many industries for the last decade. Technology has given customers the ability to communicate instantaneously with companies. This development means that companies must keep in constant contact with their clients to ensure satisfaction. Open lines of communication at all times is a must for most companies. 24/7 call centers, mobile chatbots, and text messaging are just a few examples as to how communication has evolved in the moving industry.

The development of mobile applications and mobile-friendly websites is here for the on-the-go consumer. Instant gratification is the norm for most consumers, and the moving industry has been keeping up every step of the way. We have developed on-the-spot quoting, virtual surveys, and visual aids that allow our consumers to get things done on their time — when they want them done. Updater is a great example of this, enabling people to set up their new home with a few clicks — all on their own time.

L&J Transportation partners with Move for Hunger. (As do we!) Can you tell us a little bit about your partnership and why companies in the moving industry should be involved in giving back to the community?

L&J focuses on family values, and some of those values include giving to those in need. To help accomplish this, we have partnered with Move for Hunger in an attempt to collect discarded or unwanted food items so that those in need may receive and enjoy them. Our customers enjoy the fact that we are a company with these values, and our team feels great about it as well.

Every Friday we have a casual workday, and in order to earn this day, every employee in the office must bring in nonperishable food items to contribute to the Move for Hunger cause. This arrangement has been a huge success and has allowed our partnership with Move for Hunger to flourish.

If you work within the moving industry, it is essential to connect with your community and give back where you can. This not only builds a great image, but also shows your community that you care and aim to make a difference. Spreading awareness this way will assist with future business growth and cultivate a stronger bond with your community.