Madera Residential discovers a win-win for their resident and onsite team with Updater Pro | Onboarding

Madera Residential is a Texas-based property investment company that takes pride in managing 50 properties, 37 of which they own. With a core company value of CANEI (constant and never ending improvement), Madera embraces change and refuses to stick with the status quo.

We spoke with their Director of Technology Utilization, T Jaye Cupit-Sanders. T Jaye has led the charge in implementing Updater Pro | Onboarding across their entire portfolio. She is responsible for managing Madera’s different platforms and suppliers, orchestrating their processes, and ensuring their daily workflows are efficiently coordinated.

Challenges faced by Madera Residential

Following the transformative year of 2020, staffing and adapting to residents’ new expectations have been a major challenge for Madera Residential.

The decision to adopt Updater Pro | Onboarding originated from the desire to alleviate the stress of moving for both residents and Madera’s onsite team. T Jaye stated, “Moving is challenging and stressful. If we could reduce that stress for the future resident and our onsite team, it would result in a better experience.”

Nothing is missed when you centralize resident onboarding 

Before Updater, the onsite teams prepared new residents for move-in manually. Emails would get lost in individual inboxes leading to a disjointed experience. “It’s centralized everything,” says T Jaye. “Everything’s easier for the team to locate. It’s made us more organized.” 

Designed to replace the new resident welcome letter, Updater Pro | Onboarding creates an automated task list with reminders to help residents complete everything they need to be ready for move-in day such as collecting renter’s insurance, electricity details, and vehicle registrations.

 “There was so much back and forth gathering, plus copying things and putting them in the file,” She explains. “Now it’s a lot faster because Updater just sends everything out. It’s a no-brainer. It’s a lot faster.”

Updater now embraced across the Madera portfolio

The process of implementing Updater was a “slow and steady” one for Madera. Once the team understood the significance of the tool and how it streamlines their day-to-day tasks, they embraced it completely. Today, Madera’s onsite teams are utilizing Updater on a daily basis, reducing unnecessary back-and-forth communication and streamlining the move-in process. 

For anyone on the fence about using Updater Pro | Onboarding, T Jaye advises, “Just do it,” She continues, “if you want a faster, more efficient team.”

Ready for a faster and more efficient team? 

Want to join Madera Residential, Bozzuto, and other leading property management companies obsessed with improving the move-in experience for both their residents and leasing teams? Take your move-in experience into the 21st century with Updater.