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1 in 4 Americans use Updater to move

Emails and spreadsheets weren’t invented 
to manage move-ins

Turn your manual process into a digital experience residents and onsite teams love.

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The preferred way for new residents to move into their apartment home.

Updater guides your residents through every move-in task that your community requires. Once tasks are complete, the important docs automatically sync with your core software. Yes, it’s that simple.

Your welcome letter. Our technology.

Help future residents feel at home faster.

From a static letter to a welcoming digital experience for residents.

Send your custom welcome letter with one-click and give residents the tools they need to finish move-in tasks 2X as fast.

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Spend less time on
manual tasks with smart integrations.

Our two-way integrations allow us to securely push and pull important moving details to and from your core software, meaning your team can get back to leasing.

All the move-in tasks you need with the flexibility you want.

Choose from over 15+ move-in tasks – turn them on, keep them off, or set them as required.

Easily customize tasks on a property or resident level with custom instructions, workflows, or link outs.

Upload important documents and get acknolwegement residents have reviewed them.

Focus on your residents, not your paperwork.

Find all move-in information in one place, monitor task completion, and automatically sync documents with your property management software.

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Keep residents smiling while saving your onsite team 60 hours a month.*

Eliminate move-in confusion, emails and fielding calls. Updater automatically follows up with residents until they’ve completed all their tasks, guides residents, and answers FAQs so your team can get back to closing units.

*2022 User Study revealed the average leasing team saves 3 hours per move-in.

Powerful insights to improve property performance.

View transactions on a resident or property-level for granular attribution data and compare properties side-by-side to spot trends and gain learnings.

Getting started with Updater is as seamless as our technology

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