Security Properties Residential Praises Updater

For many property management companies, choosing a useful tech amenity for residents must be done carefully (and wisely). You want to offer residents a robust amenity that will improve their resident experience, but you also want to ensure that the technology doesn’t require a lot of set-up for your site team. Sound familiar?

We caught up with one of our fabulous clients, Amy Abernathy, Systems Training & Development Specialist at Seattle-based Security Properties Residential, who shares how Updater has successfully balanced the needs of her residents and her site team. Here are a few highlights from our conversation:

What made you decide to offer Updater to your residents?

First and foremost, we wanted to offer a tool to our residents that would make their lives easier at one of the most stressful parts of the resident experience – move-in.

On top of that, we always try to choose technology services that require little set-up work for our team. Updater runs completely behind-the-scenes and creates no extra work for our team, which makes the tool that much more appealing.

Since offering Updater for the first time, how have your residents responded?

The response has been absolutely wonderful. Our residents who use Updater have consistently loved it. We love putting our name on this “welcome home” tool and sharing it with our residents before they move.

What kind of impact has offering Updater made with your site teams?

Offering Updater has improved our move-in process tremendously. With Updater, our team is able to provide critical information to our residents, ensuring higher adoption of our processes and services before residents even move in.

How are your site teams letting residents know that you offer Updater?

We make sure to introduce Updater at a few different touch points throughout the resident lifecycle. For example, we first introduce Updater during our leasing process, using it as a marketing tool to attract prospective residents. We also mention that we offer Updater during the move-in process to remind our residents.

Describe why you feel that working with Updater has been successful for Security Properties Residential.

While Updater is a very simple-to-use product, we made sure to take the time to train our team members on how to use Updater most effectively. The Updater team has been extremely helpful providing training sessions and tons of best practice tips to ensure that we’re maximizing engagement with our residents. 

What’s your favorite thing about offering Updater?

Updater is such a high-impact tool, but in reality, it requires no extra work for our site team!

How would you describe your overall experience working with Updater? 

We’ve truly enjoyed working with Updater, and the customer service has been top notch. They’re extremely proactive and constantly strive to make our lives easier – we feel so well taken care of by the entire Updater team!

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