Maximizing the slow season: top 3 priorities for property management companies

In the slow winter months before peak leasing season, savvy property management companies recognize the invaluable opportunity to fine-tune operations, invest in staff development, and rejuvenate properties. The slow-moving season is not a lull – it is a strategic pause that allows for proactive enhancements. Here are the top 3 focus areas to set the stage for sustained success.

1. Streamline operations with tech platforms

Imagine a seamless process where you can complete routine inspections effortlessly using mobile apps, onboarding becomes a breeze with digital interfaces, and residents can reserve shared spaces with just a few clicks. Time is money, so leveraging technology to streamline everyday tasks will be a game-changer. Consider adopting comprehensive tech platforms that facilitate apartment inspections, resident onboarding, and the reservation of elevators and shared spaces. 

Embracing technology saves time, enhances efficiency, reduces errors, and provides a superior experience for property managers and residents. Use the slow season to explore and implement tech solutions that align with your unique needs, transforming routine tasks into opportunities for innovation.

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2. Invest in your associates

The slow season presents an ideal opportunity to invest in your most valuable asset – your team. 

Associate retention is crucial, and a satisfied, skilled team is a powerful driver of success. Swift Bunny conducted a study revealing a staggering 52% annual turnover rate among onsite teams. Jen Piccoti, President of Swift Bunny, shares, “When onsite teams are doing well and feeling successful, the whole industry is taking off.” 

Consider allocating time for education hours and creating dedicated blocks for skill refreshers or acquiring new skills to advance careers.

  • Host workshops
  • Bring in industry experts and vendor partners
  • Provide online courses tailored to your team’s needs. 

This investment boosts morale and ensures your associates are equipped with the latest knowledge and expertise, positioning your property management company as a leader in the field.

3. Declutter and revitalize

With newfound efficiency from tech solutions, it’s time to declutter the digital and physical realms. Clean up the digital clutter by organizing files, updating databases, and ensuring all systems run smoothly. Simultaneously, turn your attention to the physical spaces within your properties.

Reevaluate storage areas, dispose of unused equipment, and clear out abandoned items left by previous residents. Consider communal spaces and common areas – are they inviting, clutter-free, and ready to impress potential tenants? Use the slow season to revitalize the aesthetic appeal of your properties, making them even more attractive to current and prospective residents.

The slow-moving season is not a time for idleness; it’s an opportunity for strategic revitalization. By focusing on streamlining operations with technology, investing in associate retention and skill development, and decluttering and revitalizing properties, property management companies can position themselves for sustained success in an ever-evolving market. The slow season isn’t a setback; it’s a springboard for progress. 

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