Boost Your Reputation by Actively Managing Reviews

There’s no getting around the fact that your customers are taking to the web to review your moving company. There are, however, simple ways to strengthen your online reputation, even if you’ve received a few bad reviews along the way. Follow these guidelines for managing your online reputation to drive more positive feedback. 

Never ignore a review

You may think positive reviews of your moving company don’t warrant a response, but that’s not the case. Responding to both positive and negative reviews will show current and prospective customers that you truly care about the quality of the services you’re providing, leading to more positive reviews in the future. It will also increase the likelihood of gaining referrals. It is also important that you address all negative reviews, especially if you believe the statements to be exaggerated or false. It is critical to control the conversation surrounding your company because, if you don’t, someone else will.

Know when to respond publicly, and when to respond privately

Updater’s ebook, made exclusively for moving companies, has some great tips on knowing when to go public or private, along with foolproof email templates to help you do so. Check them out!

Monitor your online reviews regularly

Don’t let reviews pile up for weeks going unanswered. The quicker you respond to a positive review, the quicker you can politely ask for referrals and gain more clients who could also give you positive reviews. The quicker you respond to a negative review, the quicker you can get the issue resolved and, hopefully, gain a positive review of your customer service efforts. Remember, your online review platforms (ahem, Yelp) are now tracking your response time and will showcase it on your profile.

Pro tip!

Consider setting up your own testimonial/feedback submission form on your website. This will help you to keep reviews in one place and shows your customers that you value their feedback. Now, this doesn’t mean you should only pay attention to feedback from your website, but it will help to streamline the monitoring process!

By following these easy steps, along with those found in Updater’s ebook: How To Manage & Improve Your Online Reputation: Templates and Strategies for the Modern Moving Company, you’ll be on the right track to getting the most out of your online reviews and boosting your online reputation!