VIDEO: NextHome Uses Updater to Increase Productivity and Reduce Stress

By providing agents with the extensive training and world-class marketing materials they need, NextHome remains competitive, efficient, and customer-centric. They understand today’s tech-savvy buyer and continue to adapt to the changing real estate industry, offering their clients state-of-the-art products and services. Their emphasis on customer satisfaction, coupled with their innovative use of technology ensures that NextHome keeps its customers front-and-center.

With a deep understanding of the home-buying experience, NextHome brings their unique perspective and expertise to alleviating stress for their clients. Doing this well takes time, and that is where NextHome’s tech-savvy approach to real estate comes in. They use each tool to create added efficiency, allowing their agents more time to focus on each client and their homebuying experience. It allows them to do what they do best – provide unparalleled customer experiences.

We spoke with Keith Robinson, Chief Strategic Officer of NextHome, to find out how their partnership with Updater streamlines the moving process from beginning to end.

Updater is what the client needs to effectively move through this moving process. It gives you everything you need in one place – a one-stop-shop.

– Keith Robinson, Chief Strategic Officer