Palmer Moving & Storage: “People Helping People”

For more than 100 years, Palmer Moving & Storage has provided quality moving services ranging from residential and international to office moves. Still family-owned, Palmer customizes their services to exceed customer expectations, delivering moving experiences that are both timely and cost-effective for individuals and businesses. They take a “people helping people” approach to every move — more than 10,000 relocations and 4 million safe driving miles per year. We spoke with Palmer about their adoption of Updater, the benefits to customers and their team, and their commitment to creating exceptional moving experiences.

How has working with Updater been successful for Palmer Moving & Storage?

As a company founded in 1910, we are rooted in many tried-and-true traditions. But the one area that we realize will always change and evolve is the communication process with our transferees. Updater provides Palmer a branded outlet for our customers as an option, and our conversion rate is very high with users. Finding new ways to assist in easing a customer’s transition is paramount, and Updater is a great asset.

Since offering Updater for the first time, how have your customers responded?

A high percentage of our customers are utilizing Updater and making their relocation easier in the process. It’s a tool that rolls many tasks into one during a time when many of our transferees would otherwise be drowning in a sea of paperwork and to-do lists.

That’s excellent. To that end, how has offering Updater affected your customer happiness and loyalty?

Our customers are very happy with this value-added service. It’s quick and easy — with the power to update things at a moment’s notice. It’s also a nice feature in the selling process with our one-time customers and our various accounts.

What’s one way Updater has helped your company and eased everyday operations for your team members?

Our customer service team communicates with transferees going through a time of great stress. Updater funnels multiple tasks together, streamlining our team’s efforts and giving them more time to address other parts of the relocation process.

How would you describe your overall experience working with the Updater team?

Lauren, Michael, and the whole Updater team have been great to work with. Their onboarding process is simple and the monthly activity reports we receive are invaluable.

That’s great to hear! Anything else you’d like to add?

Updater is a service we would recommend for any relocation company striving to make the lives of their transferees easier and less cumbersome. While we feel we have an advantage over our competition by offering Updater, it’s too great of a service to keep a secret. Thank you, Updater!