Pillar Properties redesigned its move-in experience

Pillar Properties, a Seattle-based real estate company renowned for its commitment to resident satisfaction and vibrant communities, faced challenges in streamlining the onboarding process for new residents.

With a manual move-in process and the absence of a seamless communication channel, Pillar struggled to efficiently:

  • Address residents’ moving questions
  • Provide comprehensive information to guide move-in decisions (e.g., schools in the area, internet providers, etc.)
  • Educate residents about preferred vendor partners

Pillar even needed to keep paper brochures in leasing offices — a waste of paper and an inefficient method of connecting with residents as information can change rapidly.

Seeking to elevate their resident experience and embrace sustainability, Pillar Properties launched Updater Pro for Multifamily to simplify and digitize the move-in process.

The Nolo at Stadium Place

How did Updater help?

  1. Expedited the move-in process: Updater’s digital app revolutionized the move-in process for Pillar Properties. By digitizing and streamlining procedures, Updater saved valuable time and resources for both the Pillar team and their residents. The accelerated move-in process led to improved efficiency and heightened resident satisfaction. In an internal Pillar study of residents who used Updater to move-in, residents rated Updater a 10 out of 10.
  2. Created a centralized dashboard to showcase preferred vendor partners: Our innovative platform presented Pillar Properties with an all-in-one solution to address onboarding challenges. Through our user-friendly Updater Pro for Multifamily dashboard, Pillar seamlessly showcased their preferred vendor partners, eliminating the need for printed brochures in leasing offices. This comprehensive approach empowered residents to explore and make informed decisions, fostering a more efficient and satisfying move-in experience.
  3. Paved the way for a paperless future: As a company committed to environmental stewardship, Pillar Properties was delighted to embrace Updater’s paperless experience. By transitioning to Updater, Pillar demonstrated its dedication to sustainability, reducing paper consumption and minimizing its ecological footprint in the onboarding process.
  4. Seamless onboarding and training: Updater’s Client Success team played a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth and seamless integration of the platform into Pillar’s operations. With personalized onboarding and comprehensive training, the Success team equipped the Pillar team with the necessary tools and knowledge to maximize Updater’s potential. Thanks to Updater’s support, Pillar’s entire portfolio of properties was up and running on the platform within an impressive timeframe of under a month.
  5. Enhanced resident communication: Updater’s dedication to a personalized resident experience resonated with Pillar Properties’ values. The “Welcome Home” emails, promptly sent to approved applicants, introduced residents to Updater’s services and provided them with essential information to set the stage for a pleasant move-in journey. This thoughtful touch reinforced Pillar’s commitment to exceptional resident care and satisfaction.
Sweeping views from the rooftop at The Lyric

The partnership between Pillar Properties and Updater exemplifies the transformational impact of streamlined technology on the resident experience. By leveraging Updater’s platform, Pillar streamlined their resident onboarding and move-in process, connected residents with preferred vendor partners, and minimized their environmental impact through a paperless approach.

The successful implementation and utilization of Updater’s suite of moving tools led to faster move-ins, enhanced staff efficiency, and heightened resident satisfaction. As a testament to Pillar’s dedication to providing an exceptional living experience, the collaboration with Updater further solidified its position as a leader in the real estate industry.