Real Estate Agent Bios: Your How-To Guide

There are many diamonds in the rough when it comes to real estate agent bios. Even some of the most exceptional real estate agents out there have less than exceptional bios. Sure, they may have adequate intros, but that’s just it, a real estate agent’s bio is so much more than just an intro. Understanding this fact is what sets the best real estate agent bios apart from the rest.

As a real estate agent, your bio is your opportunity to share your qualifications and past successes, but it’s also your opportunity to reach beyond the formal status quo. Your bio gives you a chance to share your personal story. It’s only when you open the doors to who you are and why you do what you do, that you can start making real human connections with clients and build your personal brand.

So, think you’re in need of a bio makeover? Look no further than this helpful guide! We’ve highlighted the clear dos and don’ts on how to write a real estate agent bio that will put your best foot forward and give you the clients you deserve.

Dos for Real Estate Agent Bios:

1. Include a quality headshot

Your professional headshot is an essential part of marketing your personal brand. Not only does it enhance your biography, but all other ads, flyers, and press you’re featured in. For this reason, setting aside some extra time and money to get yourself a professional photographer is a worthwhile investment.

From body language to dress code, how you choose to portray yourself in your headshot dictates how potential clients will feel about you. Stand up straight to exude confidence and flash a warm smile to create a sense of trust and approachability. Dress to impress to air your professionalism and pick a good background that doesn’t distract from your face. Tools like Photofeeler can give you feedback on where your photo ranks based on a culmination of these features. Below are some examples of quality headshots for reference:

Caroline Bass of Corcoran Real Estate Firm
Sondra Eckert of LeaderOne Financial Corporation

2. Keep it short and sweet

The average reader has an increasingly short attention span, so don’t lose their interest by telling them your entire life story. The optimal length for your bio is about 250-400 words or two to three paragraphs. Be careful not to overwhelm readers with unnecessary info. There is a difference between what they could know and what they need to know. It’s also a good idea to create shorter or longer versions to be shared on different platforms like social media or for press releases. If you strike the perfect balance between professionalism and personality, you can say a whole lot with few words.

3. Tell your bio like a story

There is a huge difference between spewing out basic qualifications and crafting a meaningful story. You will not capture potential clients’ attention if you only put yourself out there as a run-of-the-mill licensed professional with certifications in X, Y, and Z.  As important as those credentials are, you’re so much more than that! By telling your bio like a story, you allow your personality to surface and give clients something to relate to. Stories are inspiring, persuasive, and naturally alluring to humans, so making your real estate agent bio one of them will set you apart from the rest.

4. State your credentials

Throughout the bulk of your bio, make sure you are covering necessary bases like hometown, education, certifications, and previous experiences. Think of your credentials as little seeds planted throughout your life, all of which have contributed to your growth as a real estate agent. Keep credentials succinct but also make sure they flow into one another chronologically. Your credentials are the building blocks for prospective clients’ trust, so make sure you lay them all out there. Leave readers with a real estate agent bio that breeds confidence in your services!

5. Talk about your background

Stating your credentials is one thing, but connecting them to where you are now is what takes a real estate agent’s bio to the next level. What qualities do you have that make you the perfect candidate for the job? What drew you to real estate? When was the “aha” moment? Answers to questions like these are what truly pulls a reader in. After all, career paths are full of trial and error and personal discoveries that lead you to where you are now. When you put the pieces together, you appear much more genuine and honest.

Brooke Herron of Pearson Smith Realty

6. Add a personal touch

You’re not just a real estate agent, humanize yourself! Who are you beyond your career? Sprinkle in tidbits about your personal life that clients can find common ground with. Family, friends, hobbies, food, pets, you name it. Adding two or three personal anecdotes can make you more personable.

7. State what you can do for them

As you wrap up your bio, now’s the time to truly sell yourself to clients. Allow yourself to brag a tiny bit and seal the deal on why you are the person that can best suit their needs. Talk about your specialties and what you bring to the table that no one else can. Tell them what excites you about potential client relationships and how you can benefit them. At the end of the day, what clients truly care about is what you can do for them. An effective real estate agent bio reiterates client needs and how they can be satisfied.

8. Thank them

Closing out a real estate agent bio with a sincere thanks will leave prospective clients with a good feeling about you.  Even if they don’t choose to use your services right away, it might be that good vibe you left them with that leads them back to you later on. Thanking them for their consideration makes them feel appreciated before even doing business with you. Now, that’s a huge plus!

9. Include contact info and social media handles

Now that potential clients are sold on you (thanks to your out-of-this-world bio), they’ll want to get in contact with you. Make yourself readily available by positioning your contact info and social media handles clearly on the page. Everything from your cell phone number, to email, to Instagram, should be included. Make sure you are leaving no form of communication behind. The more active you are online, the more reachable you are. Staying active online also shows that you’re in the know when it comes to current events and trends in the industry.

Curtis Key of Key Realty Group Boston

Don’ts for Real Estate Agent Bios:

1. Don’t overuse the bragging rights

Sometimes, emphasizing too many good things on your bio can seem like you’re bending the truth. Instead, pick two to three of your strongest assets and roll with those. Even if you’re the best of the best, focusing on yourself and your accomplishments the whole time will lose clients’ attention. There is a fine line between humility and boasting, and boasting can be a major turn off.

2. Don’t get too personal

You should definitely share some high-level insight into your personal life, but too much personal info can blur the lines of professionalism. Don’t make the mistake of oversharing and distracting prospective clients from what truly matters. Chances are, if they choose to work with you they will learn all of those extra tidbits anyway. For now, allow them just a tiny glimpse into who you are.

3. Don’t just tell them what they want to hear

We can’t stress the importance of being genuine when it comes to real estate agent bios. It’s obvious when you’re just giving clients the same spiel that they hear from everyone else and they will pick up on it. Being original can be tricky, but it’s not worth sacrificing authenticity. This doesn’t mean you have to paint yourself in a bad light, it only means that you should always strive to be yourself. Honesty is the best policy and real estate agent bios are no exception.

4. Don’t use an old headshot

Don’t let that retro 80s headshot stick around any longer. If your headshot is outdated, you will seem outdated. Regardless of whether or not you think you look better in an older one, your headshot should be an accurate representation of who you are. The same idea applies to overdoing the makeup or over editing a recent photo.

5. Don’t let your social media handles lay dormant

Social media is a huge compliment to your personal brand, so you should always strive to be an active member of the online real estate community. If potential clients are checking out your page and they see it holds valuable knowledge and interesting content, you might just spark some business that way. When your bio aligns with what you’re actively doing and saying online, it only boosts your credibility. Hook. line. Sinker.

6. Don’t allow weird formatting and typos to slide

Tiny details aren’t so tiny after all. In prospective clients’ minds, sloppy presentation in a real estate agent bio equates to sloppy work in real life. Triple check for typos and grammatical errors, and fix any strange formatting you spot after you upload. Don’t let any details slip, or they’ll come back to bite you later.

7. Don’t stray from your brokerage’s principles

Make sure what you say you value, doesn’t stray from what your brokerage values. Consistent messaging to clients is key when it comes to building trust. Jot down your main principles and outline them in a way that can be incorporated into your bio. For example, if your brokerage emphasizes dedication and diligence, try to show how you have developed qualities that exemplify that mission throughout your bio. Doing so will only strengthen your integrity in prospective clients’ eyes.

By adopting just a few of these tips and tricks, your real estate agent bio can improve significantly. Every detail counts, and your bio is certainly a big one. So get crackin’ on those improvements, and you’ll be well on your way to engaging more clients than you ever thought you could.