13 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas You’ve Never Thought Of

We don’t need to tell you that good real estate lead generation ideas can make a world of a difference when it comes to boosting business. If you’re looking for some fresh inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking to adopt the latest technology or engage in some good ol’ in-person connections, there are tons of ways to get the ball rolling. Here are some creative real estate lead gen ideas that will have you attracting and converting leads in no time.

1. Go Live at a Property on Social Media

An exceptional social media strategy has powerful effects when it comes to real estate lead generation. If you’re looking for a way to spice things up on social media, live video streaming is one option. Going “live” on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook is a great way to provide unique content that will connect directly with your audience. Consider broadcasting live at a property before the listing goes up to give followers an inside look. Not only will it give potential clients a feel for the property early on in their search, but it will also create excitement around its reveal.

You can also hold a real-time Q&A session on a live stream to encourage buzz before anyone steps foot on the property. To let your followers know when and where you’ll be streaming from, post a reminder beforehand to your chosen social platform. This will ensure you don’t go live to an empty audience. To get the best real estate lead generation results, you should be actively engaging with followers on a day-to-day basis, and going live is a great way to do this.

2. Create Value-Driving Online Resources for Clients

If you already have a fantastic website and hopping social media, but are still looking to set yourself apart, creating value-driving client resources is your next move. A great way to do this is to create one-of-a-kind resources like eBooks or print-out moving checklists to publish on your website. Whether it’s “The First Home Buyer’s Guide” or “Financing Your Next Move,” valuable client resources can make a world of difference when it comes to real estate lead generation.

Hosting your own real estate events or educational seminars on these topics is also a great way to get some face-time while generating leads. If you’re able to help a potential client through these pain points before even doing business with them, you have a big leg up on other brokerages.

3. Revisit Expired Listings

Sometimes, good real estate lead generation ideas lead us off the beaten path. One example of this is revisiting expired listings. These folks are often frustrated homeowners who tried selling their homes with no success. As a result, they are most likely fed up with their previous broker or simply exhausted by the home selling process in general. With a bad taste left in their mouth, this can be a delicate situation, but with a tactful approach, you can start converting more leads than you think.

To acquire real estate lead generation from expired listings, work with the homeowner to figure out the crux of their problem. Was it an issue with the price, marketing, or maybe agent neglect? Whatever the case, agents should be prepared to help the seller move past the emotional side of selling and toward the business side of selling. Remember to stick to the facts and the market, and to give the seller a realistic solution to get the job done. If your agents can turn their sour situation around, you gain a loyal repeat client and pave the way for real estate lead gen via word-of-mouth referrals.

4. Celebrate Happy Clients on Social Media

Want to make happy clients even happier? Consider featuring them on your social media pages. People love having milestones celebrated. Whether it’s a couple who just closed on their first home, or a family who found the perfect backyard for their kids to run around in, showcasing their success stories on social media will make their victories feel that much sweeter. These personal glimpses into the lives our your clients are also great ways to bring variety to the endless photos of home interiors and exteriors. These real human stories will spark a stronger emotional connection with your clients, which translates into great news for your real estate lead gen.

If embracing social media worries you, fear not. Applications such as Buffer and Hootsuite  post your content for you, making consistency a breeze. All you have to do is schedule your posts ahead of time and upload the content. These are just two out of many amazing applications for real estate agents that help facilitate engagement and increase your access to potential customers.

5. Create an App

Creating your own branded app can take your real estate lead generation efforts to the next level. Having an app for leads to download keeps your services top of mind. Send them new listings, price reductions, promotions, and open house details all with the help of automated push notifications. Potential leads might also be more likely to click on app notifications than emails from an email marketing campaign. No coding experience? No problem! There are plenty of free app builders like AppInstitute or Buildfire for you to customize to your brand. When it comes to increasing real estate lead generation, a personalized app can have a major impact on your brand.

6. Wear Branded Gear Out in Public

Your quest for leads doesn’t stop when you leave the office. That said, why not rock some branded gear when you’re out on the town? Whether you’re standing in line at the grocery store or walking your dog through the park, people will take notice of your name and what you do. If you want to improve your real estate lead generation, a good place to start might just be your wardrobe. You never know where you could find your next client!

7. Sponsor a Housewarming Party After Your Clients Close on Their Home

Why not go big when your buyer goes home? Sponsoring a housewarming party after buyers close on their new house is one way to go out with a bang. First, confirm with your clients that this is something they’d be interested in and set a date that works for them. If they give you the go-ahead, start to plan for the celebration by inviting their new neighbors and providing food and drinks. If you want to go above and beyond, consider giving a gift to the homeowners. Not only will you leave your clients exceptionally happy, but you’ll be the buzz of the block. With that kind of word-of-mouth, you’ll be leaving a long trail of real estate lead generation behind you.

8. Write Handwritten Thank You Notes

Thank You notes are never a bad idea when it comes to real estate lead generation. Try to get into the habit of mailing a handwritten thank you note immediately after receiving a referral from someone, whether it be a client or fellow agent. You may already make a phone call or shoot them an email to say thank you, but there is nothing quite like a handwritten note to make someone feel valued. Make sure your referees know their favor was acknowledged and appreciated.

9. Network at Non-Real Estate Events

There are many tricks of the trade when it comes to standing out in a sea of agents, but what if you don’t have to? Although real estate mixers and networking events can be beneficial, it’s hard to generate quality leads when everyone else is just like you. That’s why stepping outside of the real estate world can reap major rewards when it comes to real estate lead gen. Think of sponsoring the annual 5k race for a local charity, county fairs, food truck festivals, or the next big concert. All of these events are great opportunities to gain exposure and amp up real estate lead generation.

10. Gain Local Press

Gaining local press is a great way to boost brand awareness and real estate lead generation. If you’re making headlines, you’re building a strong reputation and potential clients will take notice. However, pitching a compelling story isn’t as easy as it seems. In order to be noticed by reporters or journalists, make sure the story you’re pitching is newsworthy. Examples of newsworthy stories could be a recent partnership with a local hardware store to give client discounts, or a holiday charity event your brokerage is sponsoring. Stories like these intrigue and inspire readers to learn more about your business, sparking lead generation like never before.

11. Send Out Seasonal Greetings and Gifts to Your Sphere of Influence

Reaching out to your sphere of influence (SOI) frequently is always a good idea when it comes to real estate lead generation. It’s just as important to utilize your current network as it is to extend it further. These are people that already know and trust you, so staying fresh in their memory increases your chances of doing more business with them. By sending out seasonal greetings and gifts, you will naturally fall into a consistent cycle of SOI outreach. Sometimes, all it takes is a warm greeting card around the holidays to let your SOI know that you haven’t forgotten about them and that your relationship is valued. Taking this route towards real estate lead generation is both inexpensive and effective.

12. Become a Thought Leader

As a seasoned expert in your field, you have a wealth of knowledge about the real estate industry. So why not share that knowledge with the world by contributing to a real estate blog? Not only is this a great real estate lead generation idea, but it also helps build social proof. If you do happen to get published, both the blog’s social pages and your social pages can share the article for double exposure. There are tons of incredible blogs for brokers and real estate agents that you can draw inspiration from or even request to contribute to. There’s no better way to amp up lead gen while building your professional portfolio.

13. Bring Your Office to the Community

If you’re going to work remotely, why not go somewhere you can advertise your services for free? Try setting up shop in a local park or coffee shop while you work to attract potential clients and drive your real estate lead gen. Be sure to wear your name tag and display your brokerage logo, whether it be on a laptop sticker or a coffee mug. It’s also a good idea to bring a list of recommended service providers and retailers within your network to further ease the home-buying process for potential clients.

Just be careful of trying to “sell” to people you meet — it may create a feeling of invasion. Instead, think of it as a friendly conversation. If a potential client expresses interest in your services, even better! By bringing your office out to the general public, you show that you genuinely care about helping the community.

Ready to give these real estate lead generation ideas a try? By implementing just one or two today, you’ll be attracting and converting leads in ways you never thought you could.