RE/MAX Results Uses Updater to Become Moving Experts

You don’t become the largest multi-office RE/MAX brokerage in the country without relentless hard work, powerful technology, and a keen eye toward client experience. With a roster of over 1,100 Sales Executives closing over 22,000 transactions last year (that’s an average of nearly 23 sales per agent!), RE/MAX Results has climbed their way to the top.

We spoke with Brenda Tushaus, General Manager of RE/MAX Results, to discuss the importance of technology integrations in the real estate industry and learn more about how they’ve incorporated Updater to help deliver a top-notch client experience.

RE/MAX Results is the largest multi-office RE/MAX brokerage in the country. Wow! How do you continue to deliver exceptional service with such a high volume of clients?

We offer a high level of support and training for our agents. There is no shortage of career enrichment opportunities for RE/MAX Results agents, and that definitely has an impact on the level of customer service provided to each and every one of our clients. We are constantly reviewing our marketing and technology offerings to keep up with the ever-evolving nature of the real estate industry. The more training, support, and resources we offer our Sales Executives, the better the experience is for the client. Our goal is simple: to support our Sales Executives so they can focus on providing a superior service to their clients.

How has Updater contributed to your superior client services?

Updater fits right in with what we are doing for our Sales Executives by making each and every one of our agents a moving expert! From helping clients transfer utilities, mail, and subscriptions, to allowing agents to easily look up service providers on the go, Updater is one of the core resources in many of our Sales Executives’ businesses. We continually hear rave reviews from agents and their clients. Providing this service to our agents is just another way we go above and beyond to improve the client experience.

How easy was it to get started with Updater?

Getting started with Updater was incredibly simple. We rolled Updater out at the same time we started using SkySlope for transaction management. The way these two systems integrate with each other makes things so easy for our agents to use. As long as they’ve put their client’s email address into SkySlope, Updater will work its magic behind the scenes to send an invite to the client on behalf of the agent. We love how intuitive and seamless that is!

Why are technology integrations important to the real estate industry (and to RE/MAX Results) today?

There are so many technology integrations available to real estate agents today that it’s easy to become overwhelmed. When we are looking for new technology to offer our Sales Executives at RE/MAX Results, we have the unique challenge of finding tools that work for a large and very diverse group of people. One of the things we look for when we are considering the addition of new technology is how that system communicates with our existing resources. The more our systems can integrate with each other, the easier it is to implement and utilize across the board.

Technology has certainly made life easier for a lot of our Sales Executives, but one thing we’ve found is that if it is overly complicated to set up or use, many of them will never use it. On top of all that, it needs to add value as well. Take Updater as an example: it was so simple to implement, and it adds such an incredible value to our agents’ businesses, that it was a no-brainer. As soon as we saw the potential value, we knew we had to have it. Our Sales Executives love that once they’ve set up their account, the system works for them in the background, thanks to the seamless integration Updater has with SkySlope.