Social Media Tips for Multifamily Marketers in 2023

Hand on iphone next to cup of coffee

Social media has evolved and so should your multifamily marketing strategy. In a recent webinar hosted by Sarah Corley, Demand Generation Strategist from Sprout Social and Social Media Consultant Rachel Kartun, they discussed how brands can prepare for a new era of growth by harnessing the power of social media. Here are the top takeaways from the webinar and how you can apply them to your multifamily marketing strategy:

  • Lead with personality: Building a social presence that goes beyond voice or tone is essential. Put a face to the brand by highlighting your team, community, and residents in smart ways. This could mean giving an “MTV Cribs” style tour of your community center, featuring your residents’ stories, talking about your favorite local coffee shop, or showcasing your community events and activities.
  • Be real: Consumers want brands to be authentic. Lean into lo-fi imagery, photo dumps, or not-too-edited reels. Lo-fi content can deliver high ROI with smaller budgets. For multifamily marketers, this could mean showcasing your community in its natural state, such as residents enjoying their amenities or even using their devices to check off move-in tasks on Updater.
  • Optimize for share-ability: Create posts that make people feel seen. Tap into the universal truths for creative ways of storytelling. This could look like re-sharing funny content about loud upstairs neighbors or sharing stories of residents who have successfully relocated from another city and how they found their perfect home in your community.
  • Use social listening data: Social listening and feedback allow you to identify what works and turn concepts into a series. 
  • Diversity in format: Use a mix of content types to showcase your community & residents, such as a video tour, a photo album of community pets, or a reel highlighting your amenities.
  • Experiment and iterate: Don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things. Use social media to experiment and iterate on your marketing strategy. For multifamily marketers, this could mean trying new marketing tactics such as hosting virtual events or creating interactive social media campaigns.

Apply these takeaways to your multifamily marketing strategy, and you’ll be sure to create a social media presence that is engaging, authentic, and effective. At Updater, we understand the importance of creating a great resident experience, which is why our technology is designed to make moving easier for your residents, so they can focus on enjoying their new home in your community. Click here to start the process of automating your move-ins.