Support Stoop – Client Privacy

Welcome to the Support Stoop — all the information you need to know about how to use Updater, straight from our Success department!  

Let’s dive right in! These questions come from Peter D., a real estate professional in Washington D.C., who has a few questions about client privacy.

Will third parties receive my client’s information?

Great question – and for good reason! Client privacy is crucial for you, and you can feel confident that it’s top priority for us as well. We have a committed pledge to “never sell, rent or share your personal information behind your back.”

Let’s walk through an example. Say your client forwards their mail or updates their Pottery Barn catalog on Updater. We’d only notify the USPS and Pottery Barn, and no one else. Scout’s honor!

Does Updater cost my clients any money?

Nope, Updater is 100% free for your clients! When you purchase Updater, your branded site is your personal resource to offer to your clients. Think of it as a way to show clients that you invest in technology to make their lives easier…

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