Support Stoop – Mail Forwarding

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Make way for mail forwarding! This week’s Support Stoop features a few questions from our client, Josh A. from Phoenix, AZ, who has a few questions about how Updater’s mail forwarding feature works. Let’s take a look.

My client doesn’t want their mail arriving too early or too late at their new place. How far in advance do they need to forward their mail?

We recommend that your client submits their change of address form at least 10-12 days before they move (it typically takes the USPS that long to begin forwarding their mail). Your client will select a “mail forwarding start date” when they complete the mail forwarding step within their Updater account. Then, we’ll wait to file their form exactly 12 days before the requested date to make sure it arrives at the exact right time.

Can my client forward mail on behalf of a deceased person?

According to the USPS, your client must present legal authorization (such as an Executor), along with a change of address form to the local Post Office. From there, your client will need to contact the old post office to complete the change of address order for that person.

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