Support Stoop: Resident Move-Out

Welcome to the Support Stoop – all the information you need to know about how to use Updater, straight from our Success department!  

This week, we have a few resident move-out-related questions coming through the wire from one of our multifamily clients. Let’s dive right in!

Why should I offer Updater to my residents who are moving out? Won’t Updater just make it easier for residents to move out of my community?

Great question! With the average resident turnover cost racking up into the thousands of dollars, we get it! Making it easier for your residents to move out is the LAST thing you want.

But, let’s look at things a bit differently. Why end twelve (or more) months of hard-earned resident satisfaction at the lease renewal table?

That’s why we always, always recommend that our multifamily clients offer Updater to their residents at move-in and move-out. Think of Updater as a unique parting gift to thank residents for choosing to live at your community. Offering Updater at move-out will leave that “icing on the cake” final impression of your community – exactly the sort of final impression that’s sure to generate future referrals!

When do you invite residents who are moving out to use Updater?

We’ll invite your residents who are moving out to use Updater at the very last possible moment before they move out. In other words, they’ll still get this awesome tool that you’ve invested in, but it won’t be a deciding factor in their decision to move out.

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