Support Stoop – Unpack and Connect Your New Home

By now, you’re probably pretty familiar with most of the features that live in the Updater dashboard. But if you’re new to the scene (welcome!), we thought we’d walk you through 3 of our features that help ensure your residents’ new homes are decked out with all the essentials — namely, Preferred Providers, Connect Utilities, and Hook Up Home Services.

So what’s the difference between these 3 features? Let’s get right into it!

Preferred Providers: find services and local businesses you can trust

Updater’s Preferred Providers directory is a great tool for getting your residents acquainted with their new neighborhood. This feature allows you to showcase local businesses and services your residents may need; think restaurants, dry cleaners, shopping centers, pet services, and local attractions. You’re an expert on the ins and outs of your community, so this is your chance to let your residents in on those insider secrets. And don’t be afraid to get creative; when it comes to preferred providers, the sky’s the limit!

Need some inspiration? Learn how to customize Preferred Providers on Updater!

Connect Utilities: sign up, transfer, or disconnect electric, gas, and water services

The Connect Utilities step is a one-stop shop for your residents to handle all of their electric, gas, and water services. When your residents reach this step, they’ll see setup options for the utilities your property requires — with the providers already listed there. In just a few clicks, they’ll have all of their new home’s essentials covered.

Hook Up Your Home Services: schedule installations for phone, internet, cable, and home security

The Hook Up Your Home Services feature allows residents to hook up their phone, internet, and cable with ease. With this feature, your residents will gain access to their very own moving concierge. They’ll also receive personalized recommendations from Updater experts about which services best suit their needs. The moving concierge can even schedule home service installations for residents through this feature. Translation: your residents will never have to wait on hold with the cable company ever again. You can thank us later.