Top 7 No-Brainers to Improve Your Client Experience

It’s 10 P.M. on a Friday night, and you’re still on the phone with a client. You think to yourself: “I couldn’t be a more dedicated agent.” As a real estate professional, you know your job is not just about helping your client get from Point A to Point B. Your job is to the remove the headaches and deliver an outstanding client experience. Here are seven sure-fire ways to “wow” your clients with an experience long after they unpack.

1) Get Personal:

You know that your bottom line is to sell your client’s home. But don’t let your end goal get in the way of actually getting to know your clients. Don’t treat all of your interactions with your clients as business transactions; get personal with them. Having regular, non-business conversations with your clients will help you get closer to your clients and help you better identify what their needs are.

2) Stay organized with your CRM:

The dreaded moment happens: you check your phone, only to find three missed calls from your client. There’s no worse feeling than when you realize you’ve missed an important client meeting. Your real estate CRM can help you sign up for automatic reminders so that you’ll never miss a conference call or showing again. You’ll respond faster, scheduling will be a breeze, and your clients will be impressed with your punctuality.

3) Offer top-of-the-line services:

As a great real estate professional, you offer your clients only the best value-add services that will make their move that much easier. Whether a service like Updater is helping your clients tackle dreaded moving tasks like finding cable providers in their area or filling out their change of address forms, your clients will be back to thank you for saving them hours of time.

4) Know their needs:

Sometimes the smallest actions can say the most. The little things like bringing coffee from their favorite shop to a client meeting or making sure to have toys on hands for their kids to play with in the office can say volumes about how well you understand your their needs.

5) Communicate, communicate, communicate:

Responding to all of your client emails and phone calls should be a no-brainer. But the cornerstone to effective communication is to keep your clients updated on the status of all of your communication. Even if a transaction is still in processing, any communication will give your clients greater peace of mind.

6) Save them time and energy:

That’s one of the reasons they hired you, after all. Cut down on the amount of time you spend schlepping your clients around to showings. Think ahead how you can save your clients time, whether that means sending them links to virtual tours before you give a showing or going paperless. Every minute you save for your clients is one more positive client experience point you earn.

7) Ask for feedback:

Don’t allow the post-transaction survey be the first time that you ask your clients for feedback. Ask your clients how you can improve while you’re working with them — long before disaster strikes. Let them know that you strengthen your business by offering a great client experience. They’ll have the chance to voice any concerns they may have as they happen, and they’ll appreciate that you’re open to criticism.

So, why wait ’til after agreement to hear what your clients really think of their experience? Start improving how you work with your clients today. It’ll make your job easier and your clients happy.