Marketing for the Loan Officers: Moving Concierge

As a mortgage professional, you understand how important sound advice and a clear process are for your clients. Securing a purchase loan is, as you know, one of the most significant financial decisions a person may make in a lifetime. As if this weren’t stressful enough, top it off with the often-dreaded process of actually moving. It’s enough to make anyone want to just stay put.

But, moving doesn’t have to be so tedious. As a professional involved in a real estate transaction, you have the ability to make things easier and more streamlined for your client. Your service is what elevates you relative to your competition, so take advantage of that. Updater can help.

How Updater Can Improve Your Client Experience

In a nutshell, Updater helps buyers and sellers move seamlessly. It’s like your own digital moving concierge that you can offer to your clients and real estate agent partners. By simply offering our services, you demonstrate your commitment to helping clients reduce moving-related stress and improving their overall experience with your mortgage company.

It’s Never Been Done

Do you know a loan officer who offers a digital moving concierge? Chances you do are slim, as Updater is relatively new to the mortgage industry. Be an innovator and try something new. Your real estate agents will love you for it and Updater can help you market the tools to them directly. We’ll give you everything you need for both the agents and clients.

Branding and Personalization

Updater can be branded and customized for your company and loan officers, as well as personalized for each and every client who uses the platform. Use it as a marketing platform to stay top-of-mind with both the real estate agent and the client throughout the transaction, and as a business tool to drive more prospects from your agent partners.

What Does Updater Do?

Updater saves clients over 5 hours on moving-related tasks, helping them check off to-do list items, including:

  • Transfer and connect utilities and home services. Updater will connect your client with the right utility and digital service companies that service their new neighborhood in no time.

  • Forward their mail. Your client can skip a trip to the post office and forward their mail with the USPS for free through Updater.

  • Notify accounts and records. One of our favorite features – your client can notify all the businesses they care about in one shot. From alumni networks to frequent flyer programs to the local newspaper and more.

  • Find a trustworthy moving company. Updater will connect your client to rigorously pre-screened, trustworthy moving companies (we call them Updater Certified Moving Companies) and help them schedule in-home estimates without having to call each company individually.

  • Receive moving discounts on all things they need. Updater will also help your client score major savings on things like cardboard boxes, new checks, furniture, and more.

  • And much, much more!

We’d love to hear from you and help get your business moving in the right direction. Pun… intended.