Users Love Updater, Here’s What They’re Saying

Here at Updater, easing the pain of moving, one of the most stressful times in a person’s life, is just what we do. It’s our passion, it’s what we excel at, and it’s literally what gets us moving in the morning.

Every day at Updater, we eat, breathe, and sleep with a “mover-first” attitude. So, when we hear positive feedback from our users, it warms our hearts. It also gives us a jolt of energy that reminds us exactly why our mission is a valuable one.

Below are a few of our favorite recent user comments, the ones that inspire us every day.

Our users love how organized Updater keeps them.

Updater helped me to organize myself and cover all the bases to make my move smoother. Thomas S.
Very helpful! Helped me get organized, find movers, and change my address with a few clicks. Excellent idea, wonderful service! Rachel K.

Our users also appreciate having one centralized and personalized “home base” to tackle their moving tasks, eliminating the need to visit 101 different websites.

Updater is so simple and convenient. Much better than navigating through many individual websites, or the hassle of waiting on hold by phones. Great tool! Andrew Q.
Updater is great because it has all of your moving needs in one place. Usually when you move you have to contact and deal with several different companies and it can be hard to keep everything organized, but Updater makes it simple. Taylor G.

Then, we have users that tout how Updater simply makes everything easier.

Updater made my most recent move the easiest one yet. All the changes I needed to make were right in one app. Fantastic! lexandra N.
Updater helped ease the process of moving even better by making everything so simple. Excellent first-time service. Would definitely use again. Peter B.
Amazing! Made moving so much easier! Saved me several phone calls. Kept me very organized and less stressed. Highly recommend! James R.
It’s a simple and easy-to-use tool and a really great way to get everything set up before moving into your new home. Marissa M.

Then there are those that just love the Updater app.

It got all the hard work done for me and covered other responsibilities I didn’t even think I had to worry about. Meghan B.
The user experience was phenomenal! No confusion throughout any of the process. It provided a step by step guide. Daniel Y.
Updater makes the move-in process hassle-free. Taylor W.
Updater is a very efficient, convenient way to help with your move in just a few clicks. Catherine P.

Want to learn more about Updater? Check out our About Us page for an inside look into Updater, our impressive story and products, and of course, our talented team.