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Village Green Engages Residents with Better Technology

Our partner Village Green takes the resident experience to new heights, with an emphasis on creating a greener and more social community feel. They’ve incorporated a multitude of programs to help residents feel at home from the get-go, including a move toward a paperless, green, technology-first environment for both site staff and residents. They offer technological advantages like a mobile app for service requests and fast internet connections across their communities — even in the laundry room!

That’s why Village Green partners with Updater. Our moving app helps them provide end-to-end moving support for new residents. See what Andrea Humanic, Assistant Director of VG Preferred, had to say about the benefits of adopting Updater and how Village Green gives new residents a sense of home.

See firsthand what Updater can do to transform your resident experience and differentiate your services.

Jiordan Castle
Jiordan Castle

Jiordan is Updater's former Digital Content Manager. Here content specialties are renters and homeowners insurance, cloud technology, and all things moving! She eats pizza every Friday and never buys a new iPhone until her current one breaks.

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