Waterton Improves Resident Life with New Tech

Founded in 1995, Waterton is a real estate investor and property management company with a national portfolio of multifamily and hospitality properties. As such, Waterton delivers hotel-like experiences to residents and home-like experiences to hotel guests. With an emphasis on white-glove service and technology-savvy properties, Updater was a natural choice for Waterton. They chose to partner with Updater in order to elevate their offerings and ease the move-in experience for residents.

We spoke with Virginia Love, Waterton’s VP of Leasing and Marketing, about what they refer to as “Resitality,” getting started with Updater, and the shift toward more electronic means of moving support.

See firsthand what Updater can do to transform your resident experience and differentiate your services.

Jiordan Castle
Jiordan Castle

Jiordan is Updater's former Digital Content Manager. Here content specialties are renters and homeowners insurance, cloud technology, and all things moving! She eats pizza every Friday and never buys a new iPhone until her current one breaks.

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Hi Michael - we also work with real estate brokerages and mortgage companies to deliver Updater for a single family homes! - Jenna at Updater

Seems like there's definitely a lot of benefit from using the Updater application if you're a property manager - I mean, I'm sure that a lot of the new tenants would be glad for the help while trying to handle all their storage problems and logistics! Just wondering whether there's a use for this application in the single home move aspect? As a platform for helping people to move, it would be great if it wasn't restricted to multiple home environments.