12 Ways Properties Can Give Back This Holiday Season

We’re always impressed with the myriad of ways that apartment communities give back to their local communities each year. With such a wealth of generosity, you — as a multifamily property — have amazing potential to make a big difference in your neighborhood. During the holiday season, local donations and support are felt tenfold. That’s why donating and lending a helping hand at this time of the year is so important.

All of the best holiday giving begins with a great idea and an inspired team. From there, the sky’s the limit. To help inspire the spirit of giving, we’ve put together 12 charitable ways properties can give back this holiday season. And remember, if your charitable idea is a hit with your residents, bring it back next year and make it an annual event for your community.

1. Team up with a local business to spread the holiday cheer

Choose a local business to partner with in support of a charity — like a local coffee shop. Create excitement by promoting your partnership on social media and by encouraging residents to frequent the business. At the end of the season, match a percentage of the profits made by the business and donate the money to a local charity in the name of your apartment community. This is an amazing way to build your property’s image while supporting a great cause.

2. Make a difference with a holiday food drive

Food drive participation is at its peak during the holiday season. Tap into that energy by hosting your own food drive for residents. Incentivize your food drive by associating the most in-demand donations with point values. Create teams, make a chart, and offer a small prize to the winners. Your residents will enjoy the game, but ultimately be motivated by making a difference. Go a step further for your community and keep your residents in the giving spirit by holding multiple drives throughout the year — every season is a great season for a food drive.

3. Help your staff lead by example

Get your site staff in the holiday spirit by letting them choose a charitable event to volunteer their time. Group volunteering will build bonds between your staff and the local community. Consider activities like delivering food to senior citizens or running a 5K run for charity. Have your staff plan an activity and then invite residents to join in. It’s a win-win for both the local community and resident engagement.

4. Celebrate your local schools

Local schools look to the support of their community during the holiday season. Whether it’s contributing to an upgraded playground or a computer lab, schools rely on the generosity of their neighbors. Incorporate donations to local schools into your holiday events by asking for a donation at the door or holding a raffle with awesome prizes. Your community can even donate to a local after-school program for children in the community. Your support is a great way to show potential residents with kids the dedication your property has to improving your community.

5. Deliver a warm feeling with a winter clothing drive

Winter clothing drives are a necessity during the holiday season. Collect lightly-used coats, hats, scarves, and gloves from residents and deliver them to a local clothing drive or a national charity. Set a goal for your residents to work toward and get your staff involved in the action. These donations can be lifesaving, especially in colder states.

6. Send a smile with holiday cards to soldiers and veterans

This is a perfect event for getting children and adults working together. Have parents help their children write and decorate letters to soldiers stationed abroad or veterans here at home. Help the children mail the letters with the help of an organization your families decide on. It’s a special way to give back that gets residents sitting down together and talking.

7. Give the gift of sweets with a holiday bake sale

A bake sale is an ideal event for apartment communities because there are so many ways for residents to get involved. Decide on a charity as a group and assign every resident a part in the operation. A resident can help bake, volunteer to sell treats, or organize the donation of funds raised. There’s a job for everyone — including the kids!

8. Donate trees to make this holiday special for a family

Work with a local Christmas tree farm to sign up families who cannot afford a tree this holiday season. You’ll need to flex your community outreach muscles by partnering with local organizations who can connect you with families in need. Have residents help with contacting families and delivering the trees before the holidays. This is a creative way to support your neighbors. It’s what the holiday season is all about!

9. Send children’s clothing and school supplies to a loving home

A children’s clothing drive is perfect for giving back to your local community or the families in your apartment community. Families are always looking for ways to put their children’s old or unused items to good use instead of throwing them away. Coordinate the donation of gently-used clothing or school supplies to parents who need a helping hand. This drive will help build the bonds between families in your local community.

10. Celebrate your seniors with a holiday dinner party

Invite senior citizens in your apartment community, and the local neighborhood, to your property for a holiday dinner party. Set a menu and send out invitations to other properties or care centers in the area. A dinner party is an active way to get seniors socializing with their neighbors. Recognize the seniors in your community this year by creating a celebration just for them!

11. A blood drive

January is national blood donor month and a great finish to your holiday celebrations. Sign up residents during your holiday festivities in the month of December to draw a big turnout in January. Since many residents travel during the holidays, it’s a good way to continue the giving spirit into the new year.

12. Give the gift of reading this season

Put your residents’ used books to good use this holiday season by starting a holiday book drive. Divide your community into teams and hold a competition to see who can donate the most used books. Reach out to families that are looking to pass on the books their children have outgrown. Your residents will find great joy in seeing their used books find new homes.

Give the gift of resident outreach

The holiday season is a busy and important time for your residents. Help them organize their giving by planning events your whole community can feel good about. No matter which charitable event you choose, take pictures and celebrate your residents’ achievements. The joy of supporting a good cause will cap off a great year in your apartment community.

Has your community found success with any of these events? Have additional suggestions you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!