Ways to Improve Resident Move-In & Retention

You’ve approved your soon-to-be resident’s lease, and they’re well on their journey to joining your fantastic apartment community. Or at least so they think.

As an experienced property manager, you know that lease approval means anything but smooth sailing for your new residents. So begins the onslaught of moving-related tasks: booking a moving company, setting up internet and cable services in their new apartment home, forwarding their mail, and much more. You hate to say it, but their list of moving-related tasks goes on.

While you’ve wow-ed your residents with a seamless lease approval process, resident satisfaction doesn’t have to stop there. Cue Updater, the technology that will improve resident move-in – right at the critical juncture when your residents need help the most.

Check Off Moving-Related Tasks

Just as residents begin to feel overwhelmed with all of their moving chores, your leasing agent sends them a personalized invite to their Updater dashboard. Residents will save hours of time as they set up home services such as internet and cable, update their accounts and records, forward their mail, and more.

Plus, they’ll claim exclusive deals on things like booking a moving company, purchasing discounted moving boxes, renting a zipCar, and much more. With Updater, residents no longer have to jump into the abyss we like to call moving. Instead, they’ll jump right over, right when the panic begins to set in.

Engage with the Community Before Move-In

You may have approved their lease, but that doesn’t have to mean stony silence between you and your new resident until move-in. Your residents’ journey in your community begins the moment you approve their lease, and the moving process should be part of that experience.

With Updater, you’ll improve resident move-in from the get-go. Say hello to resident satisfaction from Day 1.

Set Up Apartment Services

The time between lease approval and resident move-in is a sweet spot as new residents evaluate their options for purchasing different moving-related services, such as renters insurance.

Sending an invitation to use Updater immediately after lease approval eliminates their pain of researching apartment services before move-in.

Remember, living in your community isn’t the hard part – getting there is. The time period between lease approval and move-in doesn’t have to be another major pain point for your resident as they scramble to complete all of their tasks. So go ahead and improve your resident move-in experience with Updater – they’ll love you for it!