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Welcoming new multifamily residents gets even easier

From stressful to stress-free, Updater’s new features for multifamily will bring bold new benefits to simplify the move-in process for residents and onsite teams.

We heard you, multifamily partners, loud and clear – move-ins can be a messy process. For you and for your residents. That’s why we recently announced bold new features for you to address the challenges residents and onsite teams face when managing the move-in process. If you missed our recent product announcement, you can learn more about it here. To summarize, we dedicated over 75 product and engineering professionals over the last 10 months to build more transparent, helpful, integrated, and visually stunning features for our multifamily partners. The new experience will launch this Spring. 

Here’s a recap of what’s to come:

Configure your own, unique move-in requirements

As you know, Updater is a digital moving concierge that seamlessly automates all key move-in tasks for a new resident. With Updater, residents can power through to-dos like securing renters insurance with your preferred provider, setting up utilities and providing proof that it’s done, comparing and purchasing internet and TV plans, registering a car, booking a moving company, and much more. 

What’s new this Spring – onsite teams will be able to define unique move-in requirements configurable down to the specific community, unit, and resident. You will be able to assign tasks to incoming residents and track each residents’ progress in one comprehensive dashboard.

Help incoming residents move forward with reminders 

A new task management feature brings unprecedented transparency to the move-in process. You’ll be able to view and track how residents progress on each assigned task. If, for example, a required move-in task isn’t finished by moving day, you can trigger a friendly reminder to the resident to get it done. 

Sign off on required documentation ahead of time

Say goodbye to back-and-forth email threads to check resident paperwork. Our new dashboard will allow onsite teams to review and approve documentation in advance. We’ll prompt your residents to upload proof that they purchased a renter’s insurance policy – as soon as we have it, we’ll ping you to make sure it meets your requirements. 

Eliminate misunderstandings with clear communication channels

All communication with residents is seamlessly handled through Updater. Because property requirements are defined and configured by you, the risk of miscommunication is all but eliminated. Everything your new resident needs to see, know and do before their move is available and able to be completed within Updater.

Seamless systems integration 

First things first: we will need 5 minutes of your time to easily configure your community-specific move-in details. You can do it yourself via our easy-to-use configuration dashboard, or we can help. 

After that, it’s smooth sailing – every time a resident completes a task inside Updater’s app, you will be able to track that within your dashboard. You’ll know when renters insurance was purchased, you’ll know when Fido the dog was registered, and you’ll even know that electricity was transferred to the new resident’s name. Less things to think about.

Updater integrates with core property management software providers such as Yardi, Entrata, Realpage, and others.

Residents can organize and tackle their move-in tasks on any device

This launch also comes with the launch of two brand new native apps so that your residents can access your move-in workflow on any device they choose – iOS device, Android device, or on the web. 

Next steps for you

Updater’s new features will launch this Spring as a free upgrade for every multifamily partner. We would love to walk you through these upgraded features. Our dedicated Client Success team can configure the new features for you, unlock them for your residents, and train your team on what’s changed. Please email your Success Manager directly or [email protected] to get moving… pun intended!

Kasee Godwin
Kasee Godwin

Kasee Godwin is Updater's multifamily marketing lead. With over a decade of multifamily real estate experience, Kasee is passionate about bringing efficiency to the real estate world. She enjoys science fiction, Atlanta sports, and a nice glass of Pinot Noir.

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