What Moving Companies Can Learn from ‘Omotenashi’


As foreign a word as it may sound, you’re probably more familiar with the idea of omotenashi than you think. It’s the concept behind receiving warm towels to clean your hands on an airplane, or having the bellhop pick up your bag before you even reach for it at a hotel.

Simply put, omotenashi is the Japanese tradition of anticipating needs, wants and desires long before they are needed. In a business context, it’s the practice of using the data that you’ve captured from past customer interactions to improve your service, while also proactively providing solutions before they even arise.

With that in mind, our Marketing Director, Jenna Weinerman, will host an education session at the American Moving and Storage Association’s Annual Conference & Expo (AMSA) in March, called “‘What’s Omotenashi?’ And How Can It Transform Your Brand?” At AMSA, Jenna will cover how omotenashi is (surprisingly!) applicable to moving companies, and how incorporating omotenashi into your business operations yields better customer service and ultimately, happier customers.

Date: Wednesday, March 23

Time: 9:00 am (Yes, 9 am on the morning after the rewards dinner and parties!)

Location: Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, Room TBD

So, moving friends, what are you waiting for? Register for AMSA here! For a full list of all the other wonderful education sessions at AMSA, see here.