Why College Students Should Use Updater

According to recent studies (conducted by yours truly), the average college student will move over 8 times throughout their four-year education. So, it’s no exaggeration to say that we college students are seasoned movers. By the time you’re an upperclassman, you know the drill: Consolidate old clothes for the dorm donation bin, sell your textbooks at an approximated 99% markdown to the campus bookstore, schedule your summer storage pick-up between exams, and debate with your roommate about whether to toss or keep your Dorito-stained Walmart futon.

On top of booking flights, saying bye to graduating friends, and finding an internship, it’s an understatement to say moving’s stressful. And this, my friends, is where Updater comes in! Updater is a technology platform that will solve multiple moving stressors in a few clicks. Here’s a small taste of what Updater will do for you.

  • Temporarily forward mail back to your parents’ house, or wherever you’re living for the summer

  • Notify your bank, magazine, or Beer of the Month subscription of your new address

  • Provide special Updater discounts on moving boxes, zipCar rentals, storage services, and more

  • Share moving announcements via Facebook so your friends know about your summer plans

As my internship approaches its last month, I’m excited to use Updater for my move back to school in Los Angeles. But you know who will especially appreciate Updater? My poor parents, who will finally get to stop forwarding me my mail (and texting me photos of my credit card bill!)